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How To Promote Online Courses – Basic Tips On Marketing 101


How To Promote Online Courses

For educators who are creating their online course for the very first time, the process of conceptualizing the course, planning its content, and designing the site would be quite overwhelming. It is not enough to have great content; there should be a seamless learning environment that will provide online students a positive experience that will keep them engaged and driven to complete the course.

If you think that creating an online course for professionals and undergraduates is difficult, wait until you get to the next stage. After your online course is completed and it is now open for learners, the next thing you would need to focus on would be the marketing and promotion of your course.

Here are some basic tips for newbies on how to effectively market and promote an online course:

Spread the Word Through Social Media

The modern version of word-of-mouth is very accessible – social media. Practically free and able to connect you with thousands of individuals, social media is the most convenient and cost-effective way to market and online course. Create a page for your online course and invite contacts from all your current friends and followers in the leading social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Regularly post about your course and relevant topics which you can link to your online course site. Entice followers to spread the word by offering a special voucher code for your course once they have referred a certain number of friends into signing up for your course.

Gain Audience via YouTube

The content of your online course is something you excel in, so be sure to let people know that you are indeed an expert in what you are teaching by demonstrating your expertise via a YouTube video. Create short videos that provide a sneak preview of the courses you offer. Show the benefits your target audience will gain from taking your course. Don’t forget to mention how they can contact you or sign up on your website. You can even give out a discount code that they can enter when they enroll for your online course.

Encourage Online Reviews and Testimonials

One of the most effective ways you can influence your target audience to sign up for your course is by showing them how other people like them who have taken the course have benefitted from it. Encourage your online students to post their online reviews and testimonials by providing a link on your course website. Collate these on a dedicated page for testimonials, so people who are interested in taking your online course can read through the feedback. You can also share these testimonials through your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts.

These basic marketing tips are effective and cost-free ways you can promote your online course and increase awareness among your target niche. Remember, no matter how great your online course is, no one will be signing up for it unless they know it exists, so make sure that you start spread the word!

Michelle Rubio has been writing for SMEs across the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK for the last five years. She is a highly-experienced blogger and SEO copywriter, writing business blogs for various industries such as marketing, law, health and wellness, beauty, and education, particularly on creating online courses such as those offered by CourseMinded.com. She is also associated with popular google adwords agencies in usa.


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