How to Disable Copy Paste in PDF documents

How to Disable copy paste in PDF documents

One of the easiest ways to pirate information is using copy and paste to highlight content or create screenshot images for use in other applications. While some technology can disable highlighting, prevent right-click or to disable use of the printscreen key in Windows, it usually relies on JavaScript which is easy to modify or circumvent. The Adobe Acrobat copy paste …

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How to Install New macOS 11 Big Sur on Your Mac


After a lot of waiting and anticipation, we finally got a definite release date for macOS Big Sur: November 12. On November 10, Apple streamed the “One More Thing” event. As expected, the company revealed the release date for its brand-new operating system. More or less, users already know what to expect. Beta testers have shared their praise and criticism …

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How To Create Efficient Mobile Apps Using Flutter?


Flutter App Development is really an engaging concept to bud apps that are not just incredible but magnificent as well. Wondering what Flutter is all about? Well in simpler terms Flutter is a framework that cuts down the development time and money and it is one of the best-suited resources for the MVP model as well.  With the help of …

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How To Improve Your Enterprise Resource Planning System With AI?

Erp. enterprise resource planning

Artificial Intelligence is still in the nascent stage and has a lot more to do in every industry, which is much beyond its existing spectrum. Considering the popularity of AI, it is expected that by 2021, 80% of all emerging technologies would depend on AI. On the other hand, ERP software has boosted operational efficiency with the integration of technology, …

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How To Make Video Feature An Inevitable Part Of Your App’s Success Plan?

Video player banner

The video is a versatile and most engaging form of content, that is used by different brands to describe their stories and as a consequence help the consumers to stay with them. This content form can be used on multiple platforms, and surprisingly with some key elements integrated into it can even bring higher ROI for the businesses. But when …

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How To Use Your Smartphone Abroad Without Going Broke


Using your phone abroad does not have to leave a massive hole in your wallet. There are ways to rein in your spending while keeping in touch with your loved ones back home. It is not enough to avoid signing up for roaming plans and making phone calls or sending text messages abroad. There are apps that quietly access the …

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