How to Visit the Island of Love in Croatia

About the Island

In 2009, Google Earth captured the image of a uniquely shaped island located in the Pasman Channel off the coast of Croatia. It quickly gained popularity due to its almost perfect heart shape, with many people giving it various romantic names including the Island of love, Love Island, Isle of Love, or even the Lover’s Island.

Since then, the island which is privately owned has received numerous visitors, all wanting to experience the beauty of this serene destination. Since the island is an uninhabited, it offers a unique chance to enjoy quiet and privacy. Being an island, it is surrounded by emerald blue waters and pebble beaches that give it an almost paradise like feel.

Since the island is not developed, people cannot spend the night at the island, unless they intend to camp. In this case, they are required to seek permission from the owner for formal purposes. However, for those who do not wish to camp, they can travel to the island from any of the surrounding areas.

Love in Croatia

How to Get to the Love Island

For those who are coming from other parts of Croatia or elsewhere, they can come to Split or Zadar either by bus or by air. If you come to Split via plane, you can easily can a Split airport taxi to get to the city center. From there, they can look at the various options available. The first way to get to Galesnjak is using a water taxi. These water taxis can be found in any of the marinas closest to the island.

These are Marina Kornati which is 3.82 miles away, Marina Sangulin which is 3.87 miles away, Marina Sukostan, 6.62 miles from Love Island, ACI Marina Zut whose distance from the island is 8.37 miles, and finaly, Marina Preko which is 12.06 miles away. The water taxis available include Rib boats and traditional boats. The taxis are operated either by individuals or by charter agencies.

If you own a boat, then it is even easier for you to get to the Lover’s Island. You set out from either Pasman or Zadar and head straight to the island. Boat renting services from local operators are also available. This is also a good option because a couple can spend much time on their own.

Another way of getting to the island is using full day cruises that offer stop overs at the Galesnjak Island. While these are quite convenient and enjoyable, they can be short because they intended for longer distances and they visit several other places.

Charter services are also quite popular since there are many charter agencies in the country. Charter in Croatia offer a wide array of boats including sailing boats, motor boats, Catamarans, mini-cruisers, luxury yachts, and gullets. The kind of the vessel you choose will depend on the intent of the expedition, the number of locations to be visited besides the Love Isle, and the number of people involved.

The length of the stay may depend on the kind of accommodation you intend to you use. If you intend to camp, then you can stay there over-night or for several nights. If not, then you can visit during the day and head back to your hotel room in surrounding areas. The beauty of the island is a sure reason to want to come back several times after the first visit.

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