How to Utilize Majestic SEO Tool and Its Metrics

You have to be careful with the links that you choose to post on your website. In this age of spam it is easy for some links to damage your website’s SEO ranking. To keep your website high in Google’s search ranking, you have to be sure that the links on your website are relevant and trustworthy.

Guest posting is a link building technique. Millions of websites are set up specifically to host guest posts in order for the administrators to make money. Businesses both big and small use them to attract readers to their sites however they have a hard time ensuring that the posts that they are linking to their sites are genuine. Google has algorithms designed to weed out the spam and bots therefore it is wise ensure that your website is not flagged.

Some websites are under pressure to reach a quota of links built every month that goes into the hundreds therefore they are unable to give every link the screening process that it requires. A few of the sites that they link to may look good on the surface however they were set up specifically for spam and give no benefit to the readers. Having too many of these links on your site could result in Google penalizing your site and reducing your SEO ranking.

How to Know If a Site Can Be Trusted

The Majestic SEO tool was developed with link-building sites in mind. They can use it to analyze a site’s metrics and determine if it can be trusted or not before linking it to their own. Majestic SEO does this by finding a site’s trust flow and comparing it to its citation flow.

The formula for finding a website’s trust ratio is: trust flow / citation flow. The results in a Majestic SEO are shown in an easy to read graph.

majestic-seo-link-profile-graphThis ratio shows what percentage of the site’s flow is from authentic websites. The citation flow is the total number of links that are sending traffic to a website and the trust flow is how many of those links are from trusted websites.

A website with a high amount of traffic (citation flow) and a low trust flow means that it gets high volume however a large proportion of that traffic is from sources that are not proven to be trustworthy. This indicates that the website gets a lot of traffic from bots or areas of the web that have been flagged as spam rather than authoritative sites.

A website with a high trust flow in comparison to its citation flow shows that it is a site that can be trusted to supply quality information and these are the sites that link-builders want to work with because it will raise their SEO ranking.

Why Use Majestic SEO?

When using Majestic SEO you can get an in-depth analysis of linked websites and make informed decisions before choosing to work with them. Most companies are keen to protect their reputations and with Majestic SEO they can do just that while still meeting their high quota of monthly links because it saves them hours of screening the sites to guarantee that they are trustworthy.

When using this tool it is important to keep in mind that the analytics it provides are subjective. There are plenty of trustworthy websites with trust ratios lower than 0.9 however sites with ratios lower than .2 are best avoided. NY SEO expert Joe recommends using real websites for getting link backs – These will have real authority means high trust flow and good volume of visitors.

The tool can also be used to fetch link data for any web page. This will enable to see pointing URLs to a page and thus you can discover new link opportunities. As the Majestic says itself, it has crawled 865,134,372,692 unique URLs so it has large database to show you the ample of data.

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