How to update your bathroom on a budget

You worry so much about how your living room looks like to the point that you forget to care for your bathrooms as well. More often than not, the bathroom tells so much about the homeowners and how they take care of their spaces. If the bathrooms look unsightly, how do you think your guests will react?

There are numerous ways you can give your bathroom a quick and simple makeover that won’t break the bank. Changes and details, no matter how small, can significantly transform a space from dull to timeless. You just have to know what to update. To help you with that, here are a few suggestions you might want to consider:



One of the cheapest and easiest thing you can do to give your bathroom (or any space) a quick facelift is repainting.

Bathrooms usually look plain like vanilla. They’re almost always presented with white walls. No doubt about it since it makes up for a clean and neat look. However, splashing some color into the mix won’t hurt your eyes. Pick out a fitting hue to effectively transform the bathroom.

Frame your mirror

Surely your bathroom has a mirror, right? Placing a mirror in a bathroom breathes the illusions of a larger sense of space. Also, it makes the room seem brighter in a way. Something as simple as framing or updating your mirror can make a big change in the space. Spruce it up, give it a personalized touch, paint it a bold color—however you want to update it, just go ahead and enjoy the process.

Renew your tile grout

Chances are the only thing your bathroom needs to look more polished and updated is grout replacement. The icky-colored film formed on the lines of gout can drag down your bathroom look. No matter how gorgeously framed the mirror is and how free from clutter it is, a dirty and old grout cancels out all the beautiful things your bathroom presents.

Update your fixtures

Little details like drawer pull, towel racks, containers, faucets, and the works can change the overall look of the bathroom. Old plumbing tube as a towel rack? Very industrial. Doorknobs or pulls as hooks? Quirky or eccentric. Classic drawer pulls? Timeless style. These can range from cheap to quite costly especially if you’re thinking about replacing your sink faucet and shower head among others. Nevertheless, these small changes can make a significant difference to your bathroom!

Add some decor

Incorporating a few trinkets of bathroom accessories in your bathroom is a surefire way to spice up the space. This can be in any form such as bold-colored towels or a cute little succulent in the corner. Ever thought about placing books in the bathroom for that aesthetic feel? Why not go for it? Experiment with what you have and how you want your bathroom and/or space to look like.

At the end of the day, it’s you who get to make a final verdict of what and how you want your bathroom to appear. Consider what your guests might think but don’t forget to prioritize stamping your personality into the mix.

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Author bio: Chie is fond of interior design and decor. She’s a daytime writer for Plasman UK, a company that continues to strive for further progress as the UK’s leading independent specialist distributor of kitchen surfaces.

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