How to Travel Smart on New Year 2020 with Traveling Accessories?

With the New Year on its way, people go to all sorts of places to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Spending your time in a new location on the mark of a New Year can be one of the most extraordinary ways of rewarding yourself after all the hard work that you do throughout the year. However, going to a new place may require a lot of travelling, which is not a pleasant experience for a lot of us.

If you are one of those people who is always excited by the idea of spending vacations at a far-away destination but hate travelling, then this post will certainly help you. We present to you the best travelling accessories that you can use to make your vacation more comfortable with some of the most amazing devices out there. Let’s check them out.

No More Lost Luggage


What is the biggest worry of people travelling to a place for the first time? It is the safety of their luggage. A mix of adventure and fear of what you may come across next is something that makes travelling extremely exciting. But it doesn’t take time for the excitement in turning out to be a tragedy if we happen to lose our bags or our belongings in it during our travel.

We all have experienced it ourselves or know of someone who has been a victim of pickpocketing. Using anti-theft bags can help you immensely with not losing it or getting items stolen from inside it. Such smart bags are designed to stand through cuts and prevent strangers from making any attempts of breaking into your bag. There are code locks, water-proofing, detachable straps, and even GPS tracking features in these bags that help prevents its stealing to an extent.

Never Run Out of Battery Juice

travel-bag-accessoriesWe are so tech-savvy today that running our devices without charging frequently becomes tough. You never know whether you will find a plug-in point to charge your device during your travel. Therefore, a power bank is something that you must invest in.

From your smartphones to smart-watches, a power bank is an answer to all your power requirement needs. They also come in handy when you need a torch or are on a bus and your device is running out of power.

There are even better options like the power-bags with in-built charging points that you may want to check out. With these bags on your shoulders, you no longer have to open and search for your charging device. When your phone is running out of juice, all that you must do is to plug the cable from your bag to your phone, and you are all set to go.

Smart Foot Warmers for Difficult Weathers


If you are unfamiliar with the place you are visiting, then it is highly unlikely that you know about its weather. Do not let the temperature get the better of you. Using a foot warmer during your travel can help you tackle cold weather conditions comfortably. You can find foot-warmers of different sizes that run on a wireless remote controller. Having such an accessory in your travel kit will allow you to stay warm on the go without having to deal with your feet being frozen.

Carrying Liquor Safely


What can be worse than reaching your hotel room and opening your bags to find out all your belongings drenched by a broken wine or champagne bottle? Never make the mistake of being careless with your glass bottles or glasses that you carry on a trip. Regardless of how well-made or strong these bottles are if you drop your bags accidentally, or if they are loaded in a carrier or trunk without considering the consequences, then you may as well bid goodbye to the liquor you are carrying.

Getting yourself a wine bottle protector bag which is also leak-proof, can help you avoid any breaking of the bottle or leaking of the liquid in it. There are all sorts of cooling and liquor protector bags that you can use to carry your favorite Louis XIII Cognac bottle on a trip. These bags do not cost much and are also reusable.

Smart Assistants to Your Commuting Rescue


Another smart accessory that you must consider while travelling is a wireless earphone with smart assistant support. It will be highly beneficial when these devices support something like a Google assistant. You can get the best navigation and better response from this smart assistant.

Having a smart assistant right in your ear can help you in a lot of ways. You can get real-time translations, restaurant recommendations, and pretty much any information that you are looking for. Not to forget their ability to play music. They can also do different tasks with just a voice command making your life easier while travelling.

When the Air Isn’t Right for You


Adapting from one kind of atmosphere to the other is never easy. The same applies to travellers. There is no doubt about the fact that some countries are greener than the others. If a person happens to travel to a place that is much more polluted than where they live, they are sure to feel some discomfort.

It is especially true if you are from the West and plan to visit Asian countries. The air quality level can sometimes go really low there. A pollution-mask may come to be very handy to you in tackling lousy air at the places you travel to. We suggest you get your hands on at least an essential pollution or face mask to save yourself from areas with poor air quality. You can also go for masks with active filters in them for better results.

Travelling experience is undoubtedly the best way to create memories to cherish. By using the accessories that we give you on this list, you can make this experience even better. So, get your hands on them and get the best out of your travels.

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