How to Transition to Life as a College Student

While heading off to college in the fall is something most kids dream of, it’s important to note that the transition from high school to college can be a tricky one. It can also be a little overwhelming for anyone who is unprepared.

Remember, now that you are in college and no longer under mom and dad’s roof, there are things such as handling your own taxes and getting yourself up to get to class on time that you’re going to have to handle on your own. Knowing a few of the things you need to prepare for and how to get them done is a step in the right direction.


Avoid the Partying from the Beginning

While this may seem like a no brainer, and easier said than done, you’re going to college so that you can have a career that keeps you comfortable in life. While there is nothing wrong with going to the occasional get-together, don’t fall into the trap of wild weekends with alcohol and drugs. If you do, it won’t be long before classes are missed, grades start slipping, and you’re asked to leave the college you wanted so desperately to attend. If you feel that you have a substance abuse problem when you get to college, then it’s best to get into a drug detox program as soon as possible for the help you need.

Learn Time Management Skills

Time management is one of the biggest concerns that many students have when they make the transition from high school to college. Time management skills are essential if you’re going to get through that first semester with no problem. From creating a schedule to better manage your time to being realistic about what you can reasonably accomplish in a day, learning time management will make your time in college a whole lot easier.

Learn to Manage Your Stress

Anyone who has ever been can tell you that college can be super stressful, especially in your first year. Learning to manage that stress is key to not getting sick or becoming emotionally drained during those first few weeks and for the remainder of your college education. There are many different ways that you can manage your stress levels in college. One of those ways is taking time for yourself. You can also try meditation, yoga, and other forms of relaxation as well.

Get to Know Your Roommate Right Away

It’s possible that you grew up with a lot of siblings or you could be an only child experiencing a roommate for the first time. Being in a dorm and sharing a room with someone else is all a part of the college experience. However, it’s extremely important for you to get along with your roommate if you want to be happy in college. Some important things to remember is that you need to respect your roommate’s stuff, you need to put forth your expectations from one another from the first day, and to never let the small problems turn into big problems that can cause you to hate one another before the year is done.

College is much more fun if you are able to share things with the roommate you’re assigned at the beginning of the year, and many times you end up with a best friend for life out of it.

These are just a few of the ways that you can transition from high school to being a first-time college student. Remember, college is what you make of it, just like everything else in life.


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