How To Test Asbestos By Yourself At Home?

Asbestos is a material that you might think twice before actually using it for your homes. It is used in various household substances such as cement, floor tiles, roofing purposes, vinyl flooring, heat insulation pipes, etc. You need to remove such asbestos from your property because they can release some toxic materials in the air and they are very harmful to your lungs.

It is categorized as a hazardous substance that can cause diseases like asbestosis and cancer. So to minimize the use of asbestos, you can use DIY asbestos testing kits at home and test different materials to identify the asbestos.

Presence Of Asbestos In Your Home


As mentioned earlier there are different substances in your home that might contain asbestos. You have to identify the materials first or get an idea about it. Here are some of the things in your house that may contain asbestos:

  • Vinyl flooring materials
  • Ceilings
  • Tiles for floors
  • Insulation for cavity and hole in ceilings
  • Cement
  • Insulation materials
  • Roof tiles
  • Roof flashing

What Are The Asbestos Testing Kits?

An asbestos testing kit is a simple tool for the collection of a sample in your home and you can use such testing tools to check the surrounded air. These kits are ready-to-use and can be used by anyone. Make sure to read the instruction from the manual before using the kit.

It is a very cost-effective way for testing as you do not need to hire an agency to conduct such asbestos test. But, professional asbestos removal services will send such samples to the laboratory, and they can easily identify the asbestos from your property. So if you do not want to take any risk then you can hire the best asbestos removal services.

How To Purchase Asbestos Testing Kits? 

You can purchase them online. If you buy it online then you have to contact an agency for testing the sample, and you can send your samples to the testing agency. But, if you buy it directly from an agency that tests asbestos samples then you do not need to pay any additional fees to the agency. You can collect a few samples and send them to the testing agency to get the report.

Cost Of Asbestos Testing Kits

Generally, asbestos testing agencies will ask you to pay the money for the entire thing when you purchase the testing kit from them. But there are testing agencies that will charge you only for the testing kit and later for you need to pay the laboratory fees.

How To Collect And Send The Sample?

When it comes to collecting the suspected sample for asbestos testing, you have to buy a testing kit. Now, the real deal for you is to collect the sample and courier it to the laboratory.

  • Before collecting the sample, you must be extremely cautious because as mentioned above asbestos can be pretty damaging to our health. Always use face masks, goggles, and other protective gear when you test the suspected material.
  • Solid materials are generally less expensive for asbestos testing. Just cut a small piece and put it in the kit provided by the company.
  • The companies generally charge you more for the dust particles. This is because the sample is available in trace quantities and thus it needs more accurate testing methods and equipment.

You can save some money for asbestos testing by buying kits for collecting asbestos samples and then sending it to a company. But make sure to maintain certain precautions.


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