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How to take care of roses


Don’t you love receiving/giving roses? No matter the occasion, the simplicity yet magnanimous message of a bouquet, or even a single stem of a rose, can bring a smile to everyone in the room.

Albeit roses are beautiful to have and display, some think it’s a pain to care for. It is a high-maintenance flower and may need great attention, however, if you’d learn head-on how to care for them, you’ll understand how simple caring for roses is.

Whether you have cut flowers or a garden full of stunning roses, there’s no need to overcomplicate things. Here are a few tips and pieces of advice when caring for roses:


Water them

This is a no-brainer. Regardless of which soil your roses rest, these divine blooms need water to survive. If yours lay on a sandy soil, you’d need to give them blooms more water as compared to one that rests on a clay soil. Always water your roses. It’s a simple task that can help prolong your cut roses and planted ones alike.

Add Mulch

A mulch is a material that you use to spread around the soil in order to enrich it, to keep and prolong its moisture in the ground. Mulch spread around roses should help in retaining its healthy roots and keeping it more hydrated. Be sure to replace the mulch regularly, otherwise, you’re in for a bigger problem.

Prune them

When the time comes, early spring to be particular (in most areas, at least) or early summer, give your roses some good pruning.

Cutting off the dead and overgrown branches or stems should give way for your roses to produce new and more blooms. More to that, snipping a few parts can help in preventing fungal diseases.

Find the perfect site

If you’re caring for cut roses, find them a spot where you can get at least a time for natural sunlight, not too shady. On the other hand, if you’re growing roses in your garden, make sure that you’ve placed it in a good spot where it can get enough time in sunlight and rests in well-drained soil.

Roses need feeding, too!

And above all else, don’t forget to feed your roses early in the spring, just when their leaves start to peak. When you see that your roses begin to bloom continuously is the moment that you’ll know they’re hungry and need immediate nourishment from feeding. Provide them with rose food and feed them every two weeks with it.

How long have you been caring for roses? Any more tips and pieces of advice you care to share? Write it down below!

About the author: Fond of anything florals, Chie writes for Roses Only, one of the world’s most iconic rose brands. They supply roses with genuine long stems from the finest producers in the world.

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