How To Solve The Safety Beam Issue Of Your Garage Door Opener?

Garage door openers come with various sorts of advantages for homeowners. It has many unacknowledged assets that provide convenience to the property owners. One of the major conveniences provided by garage door openers is helping the homeowners avoid the stress and strain of opening and closing the garage door manually.

In any case, those perspectives can be refuted when garage door safety beam issues exist, essentially because of the disappointment that accompanies viewing a door all of a sudden turn around course for apparently no reason at all.<

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the ways in which homeowners can solve the issue of safety beams of their garage door openers. Read the post to know more!



1. Identify the Symptoms

To open or close a garage door with a garage door opener, only a simple press of a button is required. The process is supposed, to begin with just this action – the pressing of the button on the opener. However, before moving back to its original position, the garage door stops for a short period of time, and while this is going on, the motor headlights begin to flicker multiple times. This clearly suggests that there is something wrong, either with the garage door or with the garage door opener.

The wing nuts that are connected to the safety beam are situated close to the floor on each side of the garage door. Preferably, they ought to be adjusted and aligned so that they face each other, with a steady green light which indicates that the device or gadget is in proper working condition. However, if either of the wingnuts has an orange light rather than the green one, this indicates that the beams have become misaligned and needs to be realigned.

2. Know the Importance of Alignment

Alignment of the beams is mandatory for a garage door opener to work properly. However, the reasons behind the misalignment of these can be straightforward in nature. You wonder why? It’s because these beams are located in an area where these can easily and undoubtedly be missed by anybody who walks into or out of a garage. People can unintentionally kick or bump into one of the beams, thumping it off the immediate course that should have been in alignment with the opposite side.


Most of the time, fixing the issue of alignment is quite simple and straightforward. This is because of the fact that the wing nut that is holding the device in place has become loose, but it can be moved back to its original place and then tightened up. This results in the realignment of the beams. Therefore, as a homeowner, all you need to do is put back the wing nut into its original place and then tighten it. This will take care of one side. Similarly, do it for the other side too, and make sure that the beams are aligned to each other.

3. Identify Any Blockage in the Path of the Beam

In some of the case when the safety beam of your garage door opener is not working, you have to understand that there can be other issues too, aside from the misalignment. Therefore, in these cases, the issue that becomes of importance is the blocked path of the safety beam. There can be something that is blocking the path of the safety beam. These can be the things that are put away inside the garage and that have consequently fallen into the way, disposed of paper that wouldn’t generally be an issue or falling leaves that have gathered close to the influenced zone.

These blockages can likewise be associated with the general cleanliness of the garage. Through the span of any time frame, these zones will gather dust or be dirtied in some or the other style.


Garage door openers are very sensitive, and keeping these sensitivities in mind, even a minor hindering of the focal points of the lenses due to these issues can contribute to making the garage door opener at least temporarily futile. Use a clean cloth to wipe down the sensors and make it clean. Also, keep the area around the garage door opener clean too. These ought to do the trick and return back the magic of your garage door opener.

4. Look For Problems Related to Wiring

The problems mentioned above are easy to solve and can be handled in a matter of moments. These problems can also be handled by the individual or the property owner himself or herself. However, the same cannot be said about the problems when the wiring comes into the picture. Yes, you read it right. The safety beams cannot work properly if there is some or the other problem with the wiring. And the wiring issues cannot be solved by the individual. This is because the potential dangers involved with solving the issue increases, and risks of getting an electric shock or more can become a real possibility, which is not good.


To fix the wiring issue, it is a smart decision to call an expert technician for help because of the increased level of complexity of the problem. Therefore, the best course of action to take is to call your garage repair Las Vegas and ask them to send their professional and proficient technicians in this matter and solve the issue as soon as possible. The professional will carefully and expertly determine the problem and will have the knowledge of what to do, which might involve cutting wire at a specific point or just trying to make sure that all the wires are connected properly.

The problems mentioned above are indications that the safety beam issue of the garage door is something which has to be taken care of. Identify the symptoms and think of the solutions. This could either be done by yourself or you can always hire an expert to resolve the issue. However, the best thing to do if you find a problem with the safety beam is to get it resolved or it can lead to serious problems related to the safety of your family and for your home, like theft, robbery, etc.

Get the issues related to the safety beam issue of your garage door resolved as soon as possible. This allows you to provide a safe and secure environment for your family and your guests to live and enjoy!

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