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How to shop safely online


Certainly, we can all agree that shopping is one of the best stress relievers, don’t you think? After a month-long project or days where you just don’t feel good, a good trip to the mall can be quite a mood-booster and be motivating to an extent.

In this day and age, shopping can be easily done online from the comfort of your own home. Imagine the amount of time saved and how much convenience it serves (no more elbowing other shoppers or aching feet from roaming around). Just add items to your cart and pay away.


Of course, with convenience comes risks when things are dealt online. Scams are prevalent and you ought to avoid it at all costs. Maintain a safe and secure shopping experience online, here are the common things to know and pay attention to:

Never shop online on a public WiFi

Cyber criminals are always lurking around and more often than not, they find their victims discreetly on the public internet connections. This is where they can easily steal personal and credit card information since the line is not as secured.

Shop at secure and reputable websites

More and more stores are extending their venture online. Also, since online selling is less work in terms of the whole process of setting up, more sellers are placing their business online (Instagram, Amazon. Etsy, etc.); with some choosing to open a physical store as well. Bottom line: the e-commerce business is growing each year.

Given this, it’s only apt that you take security measures when shopping online. You don’t want to get your personal and credit card details, do you? As much as possible, shop using your incognito browser and see if there’s a padlock sign in the address bar with the prefix “https” to ensure its security.

Check the return policies

Shopping online means not having any chance to test, fit, and check the items in your cart. With this, there’s a (hopefully small) chance that you might get defective or damaged products or unfit sizes.

So before you proceed to checkout, make it a habit to check the return policy (i.e. acceptable factors for returning items, numbers of days you have to return the item, etc.) first so you would know what to do such any unfortunate case happens.

Double check the shipping costs

Sure, shopping online may save you fuel, toll fee, and parking costs, however, the shipping fee and handling costs may just make you feel unconsciously robbed especially if the fee is equal to your total amount. Make sure that you shop responsibly online as you would at physical stores. Keep your money safe from false advertisements and overspending.

Don’t save your credit card information

You see those pop-ups asking if you’d like to save the details you’ve entered? Just for privacy’s sake, don’t save your personal and credit card information in your browser.

This gives the risk of someone gaining access to this information even without your permission. It can be whoever can get ahold of your device/s that has logged-in information of your valuable details. Be extra careful when it comes to this so as not to let yourself fall prey to unfortunate circumstances.

Yes, it’s true that online shopping has made de-stressing and shopping a lot more convenient and easy. But it also made scamming and vulnerability to attacks as easy as well. Keep safe and secured while shopping online, keep a keen eye on cyber criminals, scammers, and other important measures.

About the author: When she couldn’t be found eating pizza or indulging on sweets, Chie writes for Zapals — a global shopping site that sells anything and everything you need under the sun—from home appliances to electronics.

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