How to Shop for Life Insurance with COPD

About COPD:

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a breathing disorder that millions of Americans have.  Although many consumers think that COPD and Asthma are the same, they are truly not.   COPD can be broken down into two separate diseases: Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis.  If you have these conditions please see your physician about treatment.

For people that suffer from either emphysema or Chronic Bronchitis getting term life insurance is usually possible, but often more expensive.

COPD is usually simply treated with different medicines, that include various inhalers.


How to Qualify for Life Insurance with COPD:

COPD can be broken down into four different categorizations of Severity: Stage 1 (Mild) to Stage 4(Extreme).

Generally assuming you have not been hospitalized recently and you take all of your medicines on time, you should be able to qualify for a term insurance policy.  This is of course assuming that you meet all of the other underwriting criteria.  A quick conversation with your doctor should help you assess your situation.  You are looking for your doctor to use the word stable.  If your situation is not “stable” than may have trouble procuring term insurance.

How to Save on Term Insurance with COPD:

There is a huge difference between qualifying for term life and getting a fair price.  Typically people with mild health issues (of which COPD is often considered mild) can get insurance but will find the costs astronically different with different insurers.   Insurance company offer life insurance based on one of Four Health Classifications: Preferred Plus to Standard.  And this health classification essentially establishes the base rate that you will pay.  In other words, people that qualify for Standard Non Smoker will pay oddles more than those that qualify for Preferred Plus pricing.

Follow these four principals to save on term insurance with COPD:

Know Your Doc:

This  may seem incredibly obvious, but knowing your doctor can really help your case when you go to get life insurance.  Simply put – if your doctor recognizes your name he or she will be more likely to write a more in depth review of your case.

Know Your Health:

Do everything that your physician suggests that you do.  Take all of your medicine on time.  Refill all prescriptions on time.  Follow up on all additional meetings.

It Pays to Shop:

Lead with your condition when you speak with a life insurance agent.  Ask your home- auto insurer for a quote and make sure they know that you have COPD.  Hiding your condition will not help you.

Reach out to a Life Insurance Specialist:

After speaking with a few generalists consider reaching out to someone that writes hard to write life insurance.  Your case may actually be pretty simple for them.  Some of these agents works with some insurers that accept these cases all day long and sometimes at preferred level pricing.

Shop for COPD and Save:

Do not get lost in the world of life insurance.  If you have  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – likely you will be able to find affordable coverage.  For those with mild stage one this is relatively likely.  For others, it may be more of a challenge.


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