How To Setup Comcast Xfinity Wireless Router

Now you are most likely right here since you need to know how to sign in to the Comcast Router. You quite possibly need to have a brief guide which will save time from searching through the guide.

Why should you sign in to your Comcast Xfinity wireless router?

The points why you must sign in to your wireless router are numerous. You are able to adjust our wireless network system, boost your network security through modifying the default wireless router username and password or wireless password, or upgrading the wireless router to the current firmware edition.

These are easier than you think to carry out yourself, and may just take a couple of minutes when compared with going through the trouble of phoning support and patiently waiting until they send a services personnel to come over and do this instead of you.
However before other things, let’s log into the router first!

Just what is the Comcast Default Wireless router Internet Protocol Address?

The default router IP for the Comcast Wireless router together with other wireless routers is If you can’t access the wireless router settings page with this particular IP, make sure you take a look at your router and the sticker on it having the needed sign in details.

Whether there is no sticker beneath the wireless router with the login details, you’ll have to check the instructions.

You don’t have the instruction manual? Right here we offer a quick option for you personally.

Tips On How To get the Comcast wireless router IP address?

  1. Be sure you press these keys on the computer keyboard – Windows key and the letter R.
  2. Inside the Run windows type CMD thus hitting the Enter key. Your Command prompt will definitely open.
  3. Type IPCONFIG and next press Enter again.
  4. You’ll see some networks information and you need to search for the Default gateway.
  5. The IP address close to “Default Gateway” stands out as the IP of your router.

Exactly What Is The Default Sign in For Comcast Routers?

The majority of routers take advantage of default sign in credentials. Quite often the login name is ADMIN, plus the security password is PASSWORD.

Other potential combinations would be “root” and “root”, or even “cusadmin” and also “highspeed”. If nothing of these do the job, you’ll have to check out both the label on your router or the user manual. No, no substitute alternatives this time.

Sign In To Your Xfinity Wireless router – Or Hard-reset?

By now you have probably discovered the default password.

Having said that, in some cases somebody else that was using the wireless router before you changed the security password. In such a case, a router hard-reset may just be required to help you sign in to it using the default IP and sign in info.

Hard-resetting the Comcast router move by move

  1. To do this, you’ll need a paper clip or even a pen. Find the disguised . hard-reset key behind your router and hold it hard pressed for about half a minute.
  2. Hold back until the lamps stop blinking and turn on again, and then let go.

And then check out the login steps once again.

If it still doesn’t function, then it’s time for you to contact your customer support. I hope this info has been of some assistance for you into signing on to your Xfinity router. Figuring out the way to comfortably connect to the Comcast Xfinity wireless router options page will let you deal with all small connectivity issues alone. Just make sure to keep the sign in details someplace safe and handy.

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