How to Select the Right Tyres for Your Car

Tyres are a reliable way to enhance your car’s performance regardless of the car you own. Besides, tyres are all about offering easy and fast alteration to enhance performance for any type of car and help you to keep your car roadworthy. Well, there are certain things you should know when selecting the right tyre set for your car, which is explained below:


What Should You Expect From New Tyres?

If you have ordinary standard road tyres, you can enhance the performance of your car in the following ways:

Handling & Grip

  • You’ll have better control for handling on dry surfaces.
  • You’ll have better control for handling on wet surfaces.

Comfort & Fuel Efficiency

  • You’ll experience smooth, quiet and a comfortable ride.
  • You’ll get better fuel efficiency.

Know the Specifications of Your Car Tyres

It’s imperative to know the specifications of your car tyres before you can choose the right tyre for your car:

  • What are the diameter and the width of your car tyres? This is important so you get the right tyre size that perfectly fits your car.
  • What is the load rating of your car tyres? This specifies how much load the tyre can carry.
  • What is the speed rating of your car tyres? This lets you know how fast the tyres can run.

You can choose a different tyre type for your car

Well, it’s not mandatory to use the same tyre type that’s already on your car. You can select a tyre that’s taller, narrower, shorter or wider. Besides, you can also select a different profile having identical tyre’s rim size.

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Changing the tyre profile is a complicated process and also involves legal hurdles and warranty issues. So it is safer to go for the same profile but with high-quality tyres for your car. So, keeping the load and speed ratings as standard, you can find out your car tyre’s specifications by looking at the tyre itself or on the tyre’s placard or owner’s manual.

Look at Your Car’s Tyre

Usually, when you look at the tyre – it will have some alphanumeric on it – for instance, 195/55/R16 87V.  Here the tread is 195mm wide; the rim size is 16 inches. The sidewall is 55% of the tread width; thus, 195mm X 0.55 = 107mm. Here “R” stands for “Radial” construction, which is used in all modern tyres. The number 87 signifies a load rating of 87 that’s equal to 545 kg. Finally, the V stands for speed rating of 240 km/h.

When buying new tyres, you need to make sure any replacement tyres that you’re buying should be of the same load and speed rating or greater. If you’re buying tyres for a 4WD then you can simply overlook the speed rating and just use N-rated tyres (140km/h) or above; however, load rating still applies.

Nonetheless, if you have a passenger car with a speed rating of more than “S” (180km/h), then you have to fit only S-rated tyres. This applies to all locations apart from New South Wales and South Australia, and the rule is part of the NCOP (National Code of Practice) for light vehicle modification norm. Nevertheless, for a good chunk of road users, the rule is only to make sure the load and speed rating are the same or greater.

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Look at Your Car’s Tyre’s Placard

All cars come fitted with a tyre placard. This is normally placed inside the driver’s door, fuel filler cap and glove box – it specifies the wheel and tyre combination that’s recommended by the carmaker. Moreover, the placard mentions recommended load capacity, speed rating and air pressure of the tyres.

Google it over the Internet

Mention your cars’ “make, model & search for the right tyre size – For example: Let’s assume you have 2015 Ford Falcon 5.0Ti. So, you’ll have to type in “Tyre size for 2015 Ford Falcon 5.0Ti” into Google’s search box. Google will immediately throw the search result for both “Tyre” and “Rim”.

The Final Part – Selecting a Tyre

Once you’re clear with the specifications and determined what you want from your tyre, it’s time to select the right tyre set for your car. The easiest way to pick a new tyre set is to make a Google search and find the tyre maker’s websites and enter your car’s details or the tyre size specs we found above. Once you feed the required information to the website portals, it will then bring up a list of all of the tyres that exactly fit your specifications, and then you can make the tyre selection and buy tyres online.

Alternatively, you can buy from a reputed tyre shop in Sydney and avail their essential tyre fitment service. That means you won’t have to worry about brand new tyre set fitment to your vehicle which you would have to worry if you buy tyres online.

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