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How To Save More Energy And Spend Less On Your Utility Bills


More often than not, we tend to find ourselves unexpectedly cut short on our budget when it comes to our utility bills resulting in impulsive borrowing of cash from lenders, family members, relatives, friends or even going for great and risky lengths such as applying for quick loans such as payday loans and short term loans.

When you have considered your alternative options aside from loans and still find yourself coming off short the following months, the solution could simply be to cut down on other expenses and ultimately conserve energy. You may think you have done all the energy-saving methods but think again, you could have skipped a few tips and tricks.

Add these tips when saving energy and to reduce the amount of your utility bills for the coming months:

Energy Saving Tips

Infographic Source : http://www.energy.gov/articles/10-energy-saving-tips-spring

Turn off your appliances: When you’re done watching TV, using your AC and using your desktop computer, don’t leave the appliances on standby, turn it off and pull the plug. At least 10% of your energy consumption could be from gadgets on standby.

Heating and cooling: At least 38% of your energy use is spent on your heating and cooling device. When you’re not around a certain room, turn off your heater/cooler. Simply, turn it off if when it is left unused and whenever you leave the house.

Wear the right clothes: Just so you wouldn’t have to turn up the heater during winters and cooler during summer. By doing so, you won’t be triggered to adjust the temperature which usually results to overheating or overcooling thus, saving more.

Flick the light switch: We usually forget this whenever we leave an unoccupied room. Don’t forget to turn off the lights when it’s unnecessary especially at night when you’re about to sleep. If you can’t sleep with the lights off, dim the lights instead to still conserve on energy.

Walk, bike, carpool or transit: Whenever possible, leave your car and opt for a more practical alternative such as walking, biking, carpooling with your workmates and/or taking the mass transit. Your gas consumption plus toll fees eats up a high amount from your income and savings, it wouldn’t hurt to take these alternatives from time to time in order to cut you some slack.

Wash clothes in cold water: According to Switch On, it could save you around $115 per year. In addition, selecting the shortest appropriate washing cycle may help as well.

Ceiling and wall insulation. This may be a big energy saving investment however, you will be glad you did so eventually. These are the most effective shield against the summer heat and winter cold. By installing these in your home, you will reduce on your heater and cooler consumption.

Keep in mind these tips to help you save in terms of your utility bills and in the long run, save money. Money saving isn’t just done through budgeting your cash but through energy consumption as well among other sorts of where your income is spent on. Save and spend wisely.
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