How to Save Money on a Round the World Trip

Travelling can be an overwhelming experience. Travelling is all about fun, memories and life experience. Yeah, you are right! It’s just not just about that. Travelling is also about lots of planning, making lists, shopping and “budgeting”.

“Money” will take you anywhere on this blue planet. Yes! You don’t need to be rich – but have to be super creative on how to spend!

While travelling, many of us have this process running in our brains – Am I spending too much? Will I be able to save some? Yes! you will be able to save money on your trip. We have created a list of activities that could help you to save money on round the world trip- 


Transport – Using the correct way of transport can save a lot of money. You should always check where you need transport services and where you don’t.   

  • Explore cheap flights and be flexible by dates.
  • Fly at unpopular hours, where you can grab discounts.
  • Don’t fly on weekends and holidays – Airfare is high at times.
  • If you are a student, look out for student discounts.
  • If you are travelling cross-country side, consider getting a motorbike rather than a car. Look out for dirt bike shop – bikes are cheaper and more fun than a car.
  • Always checkout for public transports like buses, trams, and trains. They are fun to travel and cheaper too.
  • Walk whenever it is possible. Avoid taking cabs or buses for shorter distances.

Accommodations – When you are travelling you have to find a safe and good place to stay. There are many options from hotels to hostels. You can list out for budget places to stay -anywhere in the world.

  • Sign Up for email notifications for best hotels fare. Follow travel sites on social media – they are always giving discounts to their followers.
  • Always cross-check with hotels for the best price and discounts. Give a call!
  • Find hotels which are far from hot tourist attractions – they have comparatively low prices.
  • Get full use of hotel reward programs, Coupons and Credit card reward points.
  • Apartments are the best option to rent if you are travelling with your family. They are way cheaper than hotels. Airbnb has many low-cost vacation homes in many countries. Bread and Breakfasts (B&Bs) are good for one night’s stays.
  • Hostels are suitable for single travellers or students as a budget option.
  • For the roughs and toughs camping is best! Even if you are going to safaris and nature tours, it’s the cheapest option.

Food –Around the world, food and local cuisines are worth to die for. Food is an important aspect of a vacation, and off course, you will be needing boatloads of energy to keep moving. You might be thinking how can you save extra bucks on it? 

  • Never say no to free breakfasts. Hotels or B&Bs sometimes provide you free breakfast. It will give a good option of saving money on eating out.
  • If you are travelling with kids, always carry extra snacks and water with you. So you don’t have to buy expensive snacks now and then.
  • Keep protein bars with you all the time. Protein bars are filling when you are travelling long distances.
  • If you are staying at a vacation home, cook your food. You can always find groceries on the market.
  • Give local food or street food a try. Ask the locals about it. The food is incredible and delicious at little cost.
  • Find restaurants away from tourist places. The food is authentic and much cheaper.

Shopping – Are you moving around the world and buying stuff you don’t need at all? Shopping for stuff or things is the fastest way to lose all the hard-won money.

  • Don’t buy unnecessary stuff.
  • Avoid buying clothes and accessories on a trip, these commodities are usually costly at tourist destinations.
  • Buy the souvenirs on the last day of the trip. You will surely find a shop that has low-cost items.

Internet and Calling – Get accommodation that provides free WiFi. Look out for free WiFi hotspots. Get international calling sim cards with the right deals. You can always use Skype or Google Hangouts for video calls.

Get city tourism cards – Many countries like European countries have tourism cards. These cards can offer you free entry pass to city attractions, public transportation, and restaurants. It’s worth investing in!

Free activities – Always look out for free events. There are plenty of locations that have free entry pass you can visit. There are many local festivals which cost nothing. Make sure you have researched free activities.

Currency – Look out for currency conversions way ahead. Find out if your currency is weak or strong before visiting other countries. Get credit cards that don’t charge heftily for international transactions.

Insurance – If you have proper travel insurance, you can save a lot of money on your trip.

Travelling is fun, and you can enjoy everything more if you save some extra bucks. Money saved today could take you to the next trip around the world. Yes! We understand that sometimes you can’t compromise, but watch out for occasions when you can. So start saving for the next trip!


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