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How To Pull Off A Fresh Everyday Makeup In Less Than 10 Minutes


Who doesn’t want to look fresh, flawless, glamorous, (and not sleep-deprived) everyday?

Yes, we all want to look our best anytime and anywhere. But let’s be honest – not everyone enjoys spending a lot of time and energy in front of the mirror, trying to even out complexion, hide dark circles and blemishes, and basically appear “socially acceptable” every single day. A 20—step, 45– minute makeup routine won’t help if you’re always in a hurry or just plain lazy.

Luckily, there’s a solution to our busy (and lazy) girl’s dilemma – stick to the basics. You only need 10 minutes or less to pull off a radiant, everyday makeup that last all day!

Important: Before applying makeup, make sure to wash your face, moisturize, and apply sunscreen.


1. Start with a primer

A good primer preps your skin by creating a smooth, poreless, and even canvas for your makeup. It allows makeup to glide on easier and faster, and make it last all day.

2. Create an even, flawless look with foundation

A second–skin finish conceals imperfections, correct your complexion, and give you a fresh, healthy glow. Make sure you’re using the right foundation for your skin type (dry, oily, combination, aging, or sensitive skin) and undertone (warm or cool).

Use a clean foundation brush, sponge, or beauty blender, and apply liquid foundation in a stippling motion. Don’t use your fingers. Doing so will create uneven coverage and may transfer oil and dirt from your hands to your face.

Apply foundation under your jawline and down the neck for an even, natural look. Don’t go heavy on your foundation to conceal every imperfection. Leave the nasty job to your concealer.

3. Pat concealer over imperfections

Apply small amounts of concealer on spots, blemishes, under the eyes, or any area of discoloration. Using your ring finger or a concealer brush, gently blend the concealer for an even, natural look. Make sure to pat (not wipe) to apply.

4. Bring the eyes to life with eye shadow

If you have good blending skills, you can follow this three-step rule.

  • Step 1 (Base): Use a neutral shade that’s slightly darker than your skin tone. Apply it over your eyelid using a soft eye brush, starting from the inner corner to the outer corner, and from the lashes to just above the eye crease.
  • Step 2 (Highlight): Use a lighter shade (or even a small amount of highlighter) and apply it from the inner corner of the eyes to the middle of the lid. Blend it into the base.
  • Step 3 (Shadow): Pick a darker shade. Use a small blending brush and sweep over the lid, from the outer corner of the eyes to the middle. Buff into the crease to add depth.

Don’t have the time? Skip steps 2 and 3, and proceed to the eyeliner and mascara.

5. Define your eyes with eyeliner

Use liquid or sharp pencil eyeliner. Less is more – try to stick as close as possible to your lashes and gently trace your upper lash line for a natural look.

6. Make your eyes pop with mascara

Eyeliner is optional. Mascara is obligatory. After accentuating your lashes with a lash curler, apply mascara onto the top and bottom lashes to make your eyes pop.

7. Pull off a natural – looking eyebrow makeup

With lots of “eyebrows on fleek” tutorials out there, you can never go wrong. But if you’re in a hurry, here’s a simple guide for natural-looking brows.

  • Comb your brows with a brush or a spoolie brush (a.k.a mascara wand)
  • Use an eyebrow pencil of your choice (or an angled brow brush) to draw a line under your brow. Do light, feathery strokes. Create a line above the brow using the same rules.
  • Fill the brow lightly.
  • Get the mascara wand and start blending until no harsh lines are seen.
  • Repeat the same for the other brow.

8. Lock everything in with setting powder

Take a powder brush and lock in your foundation and concealer in place with a setting powder. Don’t go heavy on the powder – concentrate on your T-zone, which tends to be oily, and over your cheekbones and temples.

9. Add a rosy glow to your cheeks

Smile in front of the mirror and swirl a little powder blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Blend the hue out toward your temples for a natural-looking blush.

10. Finish it off with your favorite lippie

Moisturize your lips first swiping or dabbing lip balm, then swipe your favorite lipstick. You can go sweet with pink, coral, and peach, go natural with nudes, or go bold with dark or vivid shades.

Not a fan of the matte lipstick trend? Apply lip gloss if you want to give your lips a subtle sheen or glass-like finish.

Author Bio: Mina Natividad is a resident writer for Napoleon Perdis, a leading luxury makeup brand in Australia, which prides itself in delivering top of the line cosmetics and makeup courses. Sticking to the heart of the cosmetics brand, she aims to empower women with articles about style and beauty.

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