How to Polish Concrete Flooring and Differences

Polished concrete, terrazzo, and resin or epoxy flooring are three popular flooring solutions for commercial spaces. Each of them has its similarities and also its individual properties. While there are pros and cons to all three types of flooring solutions, each is considered a top-notch choice. You may visit this Flowcrete Flooring company to know the most suitable floor for your business.

Flowcrete Flooring

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete flooring is known for being a popular choice for high-traffic commercial environments. Production facilities and commercial retail spaces often have polished concrete floors and similar surfaces. This type of flooring is extremely durable. Its resilience is what makes it great for high-traffic areas.

Polished concrete can handle the foot traffic, and the industrial equipment, too, like pallet jacks and forklifts. Polished concrete does not chip or damage easily. Did you know that this type of floor when well-maintained can last over 100 years? This places polished concrete leaps and bounds above other types of flooring when it comes to life span.

Terrazzo Flooring

The pour-in-place terrazzo flooring is also a durable choice. The fashion-forward flooring can incorporate store logos, and your color palette is literally wide open. Not only is terrazzo a stylish commercial flooring solution, but it is also economical.

Terrazzo is non-porous, and this type of flooring is also low maintenance. It’s also an environmentally friendly flooring solution because it is made of approximately 75 percent recycled glass and natural aggregates. An epoxy binder is also used to make this flooring material. Terrazzo is known for being anti-microbial, too.

Resin Flooring

Resin or Epoxy flooring is popularly used in showrooms, stadiums, and other commercial spaces where people gather. Yet it is also found in warehouses and manufacturing plants. Epoxy floors have a beautiful sheen to them, and they are easy to clean. Just like the other two flooring solutions mentioned, epoxy flooring is also very low maintenance.

The epoxy coating is applied over concrete or cement flooring. This makes for a sealed, non-porous surface that is stain resistant. Epoxy flooring is both cost-efficient and highly durable. Resin flooring is also a choice of many homeowners for their garages. It is much better than simple concrete, which is porous and easily stains.

Which flooring material is best for your commercial space? Perhaps it is best to review quotes for each type of flooring before making a final decision. Resin flooring, Terrazzo, and polished concrete are all three popular choices. Think about your space and what would be best. For showrooms and similar spaces, epoxy flooring is always the winner.

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