How to polish a concrete floor

A concrete floor is a spectacular finish, both indoors and outdoors. So that your floor looks impeccable, regular cleaning and occasional polishing are common practices.

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  1. Cleaning
  2. Mopa
  3. Polishing with coarse grain
  4. Polish with fine grain
  5. Polish with extra fine grain
  6. Apply the luster for concrete floors

In addition to making your surface look great, a proper grinding regime can extend the longevity of your concrete floor.

To effectively polish your floor, you will have to work the floor in parts, using discs of different textures. Follow these steps to make the most of your polishing efforts.

How often do we find that the garage floor of our house is a rough and rough concrete pavement that only accumulates dust, is not very beautiful and eats the brooms every time we try to sweep it.

In order to solve this, the first thing that could happen to us is to trowel the ground.

In the first instance it does not seem like a bad idea, it would be more beautiful and it would give more life to the garage (and the broom). The scare comes when we drop the spanner to the ground, we split the tile and leave a huge hole.

At that time we remember the invoice that we have been charged for placing it, the price of stoneware (which was the most resistant) and this ends when the weight of the car halves the entrance edge.

Then we realize that the stoneware floor is made for a floor and not for a garage.

Another good option could be a terrazzo, more resistant and capable of supporting the weight of the car and everything that is thrown at it (you can see that I am a supporter of terrazzo).

But we realize that the pieces of terrazzo plus cement add 5 to 8 cm to the initial height of the concrete floor, the minimum of the possible effects is that it would be necessary to touch up the garage door.

And if we have not noticed before, the added cost to adapt the door to the new height can be a surprise not very pleasant.

As a floor specialist I always think that every problem has its just solution, the one I found for the problem that concerns us in this post in which we want to improve a garage that has concrete floor is to polish and polish it.

The polishing and polishing process ends with all the disadvantages mentioned above at an affordable price, in a short time and in a way that is not at all spectacular, as it would be a placement work.

The finish is shiny and smooth like that of a terrazzo.

Step 1 Cleaning

Clean the floor before applying the enamel. Use a broom to sweep up any dirt or debris. Collect everything to remove it with a dustpan or vacuum cleaner.

Step 2 – Mopa

Fill a mop bucket with water and add mild detergent. Give a rag to the floor surface as a means to clean up any dust residue. Mild spots should also disappear when cleaning. Be sure to let the floor dry or clean the floor before you start polishing it.

Step 3 – Polishing with coarse grain

coarse-grit polishing disc (500) for sanding the floor. Coarse grain is more effective in removing difficult stains and rough areas on the floor surface. Start at one end of the floor and work systematically, moving up and down to cover the entire pavement. Use circular motions to work on the entire floor with the coarse-grained disc.

Pay special attention to the spots to get rid of them as soon as possible, and be careful to avoid the flaps as you go.

Step 4 – Polish with fine grain

Change to a fine-grained grinding disc. Use circular movements to work on the entire floor. Avoid overlapping activities. Any remaining residual stains should be raised when polishing with fine sand. The surface of the floor should have a clean and uniform appearance, since all the stains and rough areas are cleared through the coarse and fine action of the grain.

Step 5 – Polish with extra fine grain

man-polishing-concrete-floorFor the final stage, use a polishing disc with the finest grain, such as the 1500. It will give your concrete floor a nice gloss similar to glass. At this point, any stain or imperfection must disappear completely, so this pass is about getting a beautiful finish.

You will need to strive at this stage. Use circular motions to work sandpaper over the entire floor. Be sure to overlap your circles as you go.

Step 6 – Apply the luster for concrete floors

Use the floor grinder to apply polish to concrete floors over the entire surface. If it does, it should give it an extra shine. Your concrete floor is now seen as the best.

If after these we want to give it a shine finish and further increase its functionality and performance, there is a polishing treatment based on diamond discs and concrete hardeners and sealants.

There are many online stores that sell these products for concrete, if you are going to do a job for yourself, or a small project at home, this option is very profitable for you.

If instead, we are talking about an industrial project or many meters it is best to hire professional polished concrete, because doing it on your own is not profitable because of the high cost of the necessary machinery.

Currently, one of the European leaders in polished concrete treatment is BECOSAN® specialists in recovery and treatment of industrial concrete surfaces. They operate internationally and have a large team of applicators.

If you want to know more about products, techniques and benefits about the treatment and polishing of concrete, leave your comment and we will answer as soon as possible.


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