How to Plan Your Trip and Explore Incredible India

If I start to talk about India, it will never be going to end. There are so many reasons to travel in India and has everything one can imagine for while planning a trip. India is full of customs, culture, exciting places, religions, lovely people who are from different religions and state but are connected through an invisible bond of love.

Incredible India
Endless variations:

In India there are so many religions and cultures and the people who are living here they are keeping the glory of here alive in their hearts and when you start to travel India you will find every place new and that fascinates most to most of the travelers. Everywhere you go you find a difference in culture, customs, food and language and so much.

Variations with every Side:

You will get to see so many variations and endless things while traveling to India. As with each and every side you will see a new and totally different face of India. In north you will see high mountain ranges, beautiful sceneries, Snowfalls, Ice and much more and while travelling to south dominating cities such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru and Calicut you will see rain forests, jungles, jog falls, beautiful islands, lovely beaches that are maintaining the glory of India.

If we talk about eastern India one will be surprised after seeing famous attractions of there like golden deserts, splendid lakes, their bright colorful food and culture. The eastern part covers the states Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa their names I think are enough to describe about the city. In Rajasthan and Gujarat where you see a traditional culture, food and language and heritage places. So in Goa it is just opposite to that and it has accepted the new western culture completely and you will see the fascinating beaches and churches to visit.

In eastern India it includes West Bengal, Bihar, Andaman and Nicobar etc. in it while travelling across the eastern you will find the drastic variation and while going to a new city it seems like one have traveled to a different country. With different dance forms, habits and their way of living you will see a drastic difference with every city.

There are so many top class hotels and restaurants are also there in each city so that visitors can easily stay there and enjoy their holidays or weekends.
Top Attractions Of India:

You will surely wonder when you will see the famous attractions of India like: The symbol of love TajMahal, exciting Jungles of Gujarat, fascinating caves of Ajanta and Ellora, royal palaces like Amber fort, Umedbhawan and so many are there in the list. This list will never end if we include heritage places, famous temples, ancient forts and some other exciting places. Travelers can visit these places and can enjoy the beauty of there from picture point of view also these are the perfect places. You can click a number of pictures in these places and you will cherish these moments lifelong. The beautiful sceneries and waterfalls, ancient monuments will make these pictures more special for you.

Dress,Food and Festival:

The description of India is incomplete if we have not talked about the famous food of here, different dress codes with different religions and festivals of them. One can enjoy these things most about our India. A traveler can taste different tastes of India while traveling through each state or while traveling inside a state even he can see a variety of food. If you are a foodie person, then just visit the India once and taste the variety of food here that you have not imagined before. It has everything from vegetarian to non-vegetarian and if you are non-vegetarian then also you will not feel separated here. With every different state, you will see a different dress code and language and that thing excites me most about India. Most of the travelers wear that dresses and click their pictures in those dresses to keep that as a memory like the Rajasthani Poshak, Punjabi dresses, ghagra cholietc that are so much famous among foreign travelers. With the different dress codes, these states have their famous festival that is amazing to see them and enjoy them. Next time if you plan a trip of anywhere then make sure that you visit that place at that time so that you can see the famous festival of that significant city and trust me it will be a great fun to enjoy their local festivals.


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