How to Plan For Your Trip To The UK

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – the United Kingdom. Deep roots to Romans, Anglo-Saxons, and Vikings. Royalty, palaces, castles, and ultra-urban cities. Food, museums, uber nature, and diverse culture. All above pretty much sums up the definition of the United Kingdom (UK).

The UK is the top ten holiday destinations of all times. Around 30 million international tourists visit the UK every year. Each part of the UK packed with tourist attractions. Making tens and thousands of places worth a visit! Yet it will take years to visit all! Hence we have gone ahead and made an ideal plan for you to visit the UK.
Well, getting a visa is not much of an issue! Several countries allow access to the UK without a Visa. Currency in the UK is “pounds.” Language is not a barrier too! If you are travelling from other countries, you can get to London by plane of course! If you are travelling from Europe, you can get by the Eurostar. Everything is set to go!

When to visit the UK?


There are four seasons in the UK. Summer – June July August. Spring – March, April May. Autumn – September, October, November. Winter – December, January, February. No matter what season it is, it always rains! You might prepare for downpour anytime on your visit.

Summers are the best time to visit. The temperature ranges from 14⁰ C – 21⁰ C. With the warmer temperature in the south and colder in the north. It’s the sunniest time of the year, and you would love it. Spring is a green and floral time of the year. With the mild temperature of 6-13⁰ C – the weather is best for your visit. It is also a pre-peak season with lesser crowds.

The autumn season is full of colourful foliage with traditional English festivals. Winter is dark and cold the typical UK weather. The rain grasps the skies and days. Don’t let this dampen your thoughts. Christmas is the best in the UK – with decorations and festival lights all over. London is the centre for the best Christmas.



There are many options you can get to roam. Our ideal pick is the road trip. The UK is accessible by road through all the regions. You can rent a car or jeep with car roof racks which would make your journey comfortable as all your luggage would be adjusted on the car roof. Off-road vehicles are the best choice! Get a map and a guide book. Mark your points – plan accommodations and hit the road!

Travelling by train is awesome too. Trains provide relaxed and beautiful scenic journeys. People who want to chill and travel – trains are ideal for them. Internal flights are available – take flight if you are at the most hurry. Cabs are available in cities. Bus service provides long-distance travel too! London tube and underground metro are famous.

Best places to travel


The centrepiece of an ideal trip – where to travel? We know you have done all the homework for the trip. We recommend that you book and plan the entire itinerary ahead of time. There is nothing bad as anxieties on the trip.
The UK has thousands of places to visit. Yet you can’t possibly cover all sites in one trip. No worries! We have listed the places you can’t miss on your trip.

England –

  • London
  • Yorkshire
  • Cotswolds
  • Devon
  • Lake District
  • Bath
  • Dorset
  • Northumberland
  • Cambridge

Scotland –

  • Edinburgh
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Loch Ness
  • Loch Lomond
  • Isle of Skye
  • Isle of Arran
  • Glasgow
  • Stirling

Wales –

  • Snowdonia
  • Brecon Beacons
  • Pembrokeshire
  • Conwy
  • Aberystwyth
  • Llandudno

Northern Ireland –

  • The Giant’s Causeway
  • The Titanic Belfast
  • The Glens of Antrim
  •  The Dark Hedges
  • Magho and Lower Lough Erne
  • Bangor
  • Londonderry



When travelling to the UK, you can expect all types of weather. It has rained for over 156 days in the UK. Rain is the most unexpected thing about your travel. You must carry umbrellas and raincoats all the time. Waterproofing stuff is crucial for the road trip too!

You need important documents like passport and visa with you. For the road trip, you will need licenses and a road guide book. You will need international credit cards. You need to have local currency with you too!
You should carry all your medicines and prescriptions. For winters you should carry warm clothes. And rest, you know the best!


There are great places to stay in the UK. In the end, all that matters is money. Bread and breakfasts are an excellent choice for road trips. Hotels and resorts are good for shorter trips. Get all reviews and feedback before booking.

Emergency Info

Before going to new places, it’s crucial to learn emergency information. Hopefully, you won’t need it! Yet just in case. The UK public health service is known as the NHS, which can provide you with medical aid.

  • Emergency services – 999
  • Police services – 101
  • Non-emergency Medical – 111



Brexit is British exit – the UK leaving the European Union (EU). The UK is due to leave the EU on 31st January 2020. The whole Brexit deal might change the rules and regulations of travelling to the UK. You might keep an eye on all the updates on Brexit if you are going to travel to the UK.

You have to be a responsible person travelling to new countries. Follow the local rules and regulations – it is imperative. Know all the guidelines for travelling to the UK. Buy a guidebook. Get all the details on food – whichever is suitable for you. It is you who will make this trip ideal and memorable.

Travelling to the UK might be the best decision you can make. You will fall in love with each site you visit. There are more words for being beautiful in the dictionary –they will be less for landscapes of the UK. There might be many ideas for the trip. But you must enjoy the whole heart.


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