How to plan for the perfect weekend getaway

Working a 9-to-5 can be pretty cumbersome. Add to that the stressful commute to and from work, holding on to a tight budget, and basically keeping it all together as you go on with your daily routine. You know what would be a great way to break away from all your stress and worries? A relaxing weekender.

If you ever find yourself stuck in a rut or terribly needs a break from all the chaos at hand, take quick yet memorable and refreshing weekender to “reset” your state of mind and body. If you’re on a tight budget and only have limited days off, this would be a much viable option than a long vacation. As sometimes, the latter takes too much time, money, and energy to push through.

Whether you’re opting to book a hotel accommodation, a room close to the beach, someplace out of town, or in the very comfort of your own home, there are ways you can make this great weekend worthwhile and stress-free.


Opt for a carry-on

You’re going to be only away for a weekend, so it’s only reasonable that you pack as lightly as possible for a hassle-free short trip. For a two- or three-day trip, bring only the essentials and most importantly, only bring clothes that should cover the entire trip. The last thing you’ll need for this weekender is stress, so do yourself a favor and only pack the things you most certainly will use.

Research on where you’ll stay

Looking for a place to stay on the spot can be a lot of work and can cause you more trouble than if you choose to find one ahead of time. May it be a hotel, in a beach resort, or elsewhere, it’s always better to plan ahead and know where to go than figure it all out on the day itself. This especially holds true for weekend getaways.

Plan a realistic agenda

Keep your plans doable and your expectations neutral. You’re going for a weekender, not a 2-week long vacation so know that you possibly can’t do a lot of activities in 2 to 3 days of break. Make realistic plans you can easily accomplish without wasting too much of your time and effort.

Take this opportunity to explore

You have a very limited time but that’s also the beauty of this weekend getaway—you have all the time to do what you want and go where your feet lead you. If there are museums or galleries nearby that you’ve always wanted to visit, add that to your itinerary. Take this moment to skip your usual routine or what you’d normally do and just explore.

Set a budget

One of the primary concerns when planning a trip, whether it be a weekend getaway or a 14-day adventure, is your budget. Set a budget, take a good grasp of it and keep yourself from splurging while you’re away.

Stay off the grid and enjoy

You’re planning to go on a weekend getaway to escape from the stress and everything else. Make this a time for yourself and stay off your phone for a good amount time during this break. This should allow you to take in more of your surroundings, spend more quality time with friends or family, and most importantly, keep your mind at ease.

If you ever find yourself in dire need of relaxation, time for yourself, and away from stress, book yourself a nice weekend getaway trip that is far from the long lines at the airport and within an accessible vicinity of good places and activities.

About the author: An adventurer at heart, Chie aims to finish her travel bucket list before she hits 40. For the meantime, she writes for Holiday Inn Parramatta Accommodation—stay and experience the historical part of Sydney whether for business or leisure.


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