How to Plan a Fun Family Day Out in Dubai

Although spontaneous getaways and trips to one a beautiful beach in Dubai or any other famous attractions is great, planned activities are still the best, particularly if you are going out with the whole family.

This is mainly because when you plan a family day out in Dubai, you can maximize your time out, and avoid overspending. By planning all your bonding activities, you will come up with a reasonable budget to cover all the essentials, such as buying tickets to well-known attractions in Dubai, snacks, and souvenirs.

Additionally, by planning your day out beforehand, you will be sure that everyone in your family will have a wonderful, exciting time.

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Organizing Day Trips for the Whole Family

Whether you want to have a day out with your family every week or once a month, here are seven tips that will help you plan a fun and memorable one:

1.     Include everyone in the planning stage

If you want everyone to have fun during your day out, you have to involve them in the planning stage.

First, ask each member what they want to do or where they want to go. If everyone is giving too many suggestions, narrow down the options to three or four choices. Next, ask everyone to vote on their preferred destination or activity.

Once you have agreed on the destination or activity, decide on the day and time to go. By doing this early, you will be sure that the adults and older kids will clear their schedules for that day.

Ask everyone what snacks and beverages they want as well so that you can get them before the day out.

2.     Recommend activities or destinations that provide learning opportunities

If you and your family are still thinking about where to go during the day out, add activities or places that will allow your children, especially the younger ones, to learn something new.

Fortunately, Dubai has many destinations and entertainment hubs that will give kids of any age learning experiences that are also fun and memorable. These include:

  • The Green Planet
  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
  • Dubai Miracle Garden
  • Legoland
  • Kidzania

If you decide to skip any of these places for now, make sure you and your family visit them in the future.

3.     Create a list of things to bring

Since a day out means that you will be out of your house (and comfort zone) for several hours, ensure you have everything you and your family need for the outing.

To avoid forgetting bringing anything important, create a list of things you need to pack. These should include:

  • Snacks
  • Bottled water and other beverages
  • Tissues and wet wipes
  • Sunscreen
  • Hats
  • Smartphone, camera, and chargers
  • Change of clothes, towels, and flip-flops (if you are going to a waterpark, the beach, or spending the whole day at a park)

However, be careful not to overpack. Keep in mind that you are going out only for a day, not a week.

4.     Help younger kids prepare

If you have children below ten years of age, give them a list of things to bring so that they have everything they need for a fun day out. However, if you have toddlers and preschoolers, you will have to help them pack from start to end.

Another option would be to pack their things in your bag.

Help your little ones choose the right outfit to wear for the outing as well. Recommend tops and bottoms that are light and airy so that they won’t sweat a lot whenever they are outdoors. Also, suggest footwear that they will feel comfortable wearing all day long.

Remind your kids to bring one or two toys and books or other items that they can use to entertain themselves while in the car or when they are taking breaks.

5.     Create an itinerary

Many of Dubai’s popular destinations offer more than one attraction and must-try activities. Additionally, these are so huge that sometimes a day won’t be enough to visit or explore all of them. Examples of these places are the Dubai Creek, Dubai Parks and Resorts, and Al Qudra Desert.

If you and your family will be spending the day at the City Walk, there are plenty of fun spots to visit and things to do here all day as well.

Make sure the whole family can visit all of the attractions during your day out by creating an itinerary.

Research all the must-visit places and things to do in your chosen destination beforehand. List them down and allocate enough time for each activity so that everyone can try and have fun doing it. Include in your itinerary time for snack breaks and lunch as well.

If you have older kids that want to go around the destination on their own, give them a list and tell them where you have to meet for lunch and the time. Additionally, make sure they know the meeting place and the time you have to go home.

6.     Bring cash and loose change

Although many establishments in Dubai accept debit and credit cards, bring some cash and fil coins. Keep them handy (this means not leaving the money in your car) since many attractions have additional activities that require payment.

These include feeding animals at a zoo or for using a telescope. Your little ones will also need coins if you visit an amusement park rides and games.

Lastly, your kids will also need some cash or loose change for buying snacks or drinks, ice cream, and trinkets.

7.     Be flexible

Although your itinerary will serve as your guide of things to do the whole day, try to avoid following it too strictly.

It is highly likely that your kids would love to spend more time in a particular attraction, or they won’t like doing a certain activity. In such instances, it is best to let them do what they want.

Don’t get worked up because the family will miss out on visiting a specific spot or be late for lunch. Keep in mind that this day is for your kids. As such, let them have as much fun as they can, even if it means your schedule or plans will be affected a bit.

To have a fun family day out, organize it well, but be open-minded and flexible. Don’t expect everything to go according to plan. What is important is that you ensure everyone enjoys the outing and that it brings the family closer together.

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