How to Pick the Right Kitchen Sink and Tapware for Your Home

It requires careful consideration to pick the right kitchen sink and tapware. That’s because both items need to impeccably flow with the style of the space so that it balances the way you cook and clean thereby enhancing your work efficiency. If you’re still having confusion then go over the below seven practical tips, which will help you to choose the right sink and taps for your kitchen. Moreover, you can also take the assistance of a kitchen professional.


1. Knowing Your Requirements Is Imperative

  • How are you using your kitchen right now?
  • Will your requirements change in the near future?

It is critical to think of the future to guarantee your kitchen space along with its accessories such as kitchen sink and taps can easily adjust to your changing requirements. For example, if you have enough space and can accommodate a double bowl kitchen sink, it will facilitate you to work more resourcefully and get more work done with less hassle. Similarly, master chefs may require an innovative kitchen tap compared to simple cooks – in this case, a hose tap would be ideal that will allow spraying pots and pans.

2. Consider Your Kitchen Style

Your sink and tapware should gel with the style of your kitchen. If your kitchen style follows the traditional look and feel, then you should complement it with the same styled accessories. A country cottage kitchen would require a ceramic sink and more rounded tapware, while a minimalist, bare space will be fine with stainless steel items in a rectangular or square shape.

3. Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink: Overmount or Undermount Sink

What should you consider – an overmount sink or undermount kitchen sink for your kitchen? This is a matter of personal preference; however, undermount kitchen sinks are contemporary and gives you a neat and pristine look. Nonetheless, undermount kitchen sinks would suit better with robust and durable materials such as stone benchtop. Conversely, an overmount kitchen sink gives you more benchtop options to choose from. You’ll get great practicality and styling with both types of the kitchen sink.

4. Consider the Types of Kitchen Sinks

These days, a variety of sinks are available to pick from that includes:

Stone kitchen sinks

It’s generally made from natural stone, composite stone and fireclay. When appropriately sealed, they are hygienic, functional and attractive. Stone sinks are robust and will last longer if taken care of in the right manner.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks

Widely used option till date and it’s available in various configurations that include a one and round bowl sink, single & double bowl kitchen sinks. These kitchen sinks are available in newer styles and shapes.

Porcelain kitchen sinks

Porcelain kitchen sinks are either made from clay, which is fired and then glazed or cast iron coated with porcelain. Typically, these sinks are white and can often protrude from a benchtop, making a style statement. Normally, you can spot them in country style kitchens; however, they look fantastic in a contemporary kitchen as a feature sink when used with appropriate tapware.

Wood kitchen sinks

An incredible statement piece in the kitchen and they are also functional. To make sure wood sink remains waterproof, regular re-sealing them is required to ensure they are hygienic. Nevertheless, their coatings and treatments mean that they are dependable for everyday use.

Solid kitchen sink surface

It is constructed from benchtop materials such as Corian, and they are heat resistant and flawless.

Acrylic kitchen sinks

These sinks are typically fabricated as part of an all-in-one benchtop and sink unit, making them very hygienic, as there are no joins or lines.

5. Consider the Size of your Kitchen Taps

You need to figure out how the tapware and sink will work mutually. For instance, a bigger sink needs to be complemented with bigger taps whereas a smaller sink needs a smaller tap. Next, you also have to consider the way in which the kitchen taps will be installed, as it will affect the size you can select.

6. Select High-Quality Products

Buying items that are cheap may be substandard and won’t last long and you’ll need to often replace them. Whereas buying high-quality sink and taps are to be seen as an investment as they will last longer and you won’t have to worry about changing them every now and then. Thus, you should consider buying superior quality kitchen sinks and taps that you can afford.

7. Finish Quality

The quality of finish is also as significant as the function, style and shape. Pick a finish that gels effortlessly with the rest of the space. With a stainless steel kitchen sink, glossy chrome taps look fine; however, a matte finish is another trendy pick that you can consider. If you have a generous space, then you could pick brass or copper. In modern kitchens, coloured tapware has also paved its way into residential kitchens. However, to obtain a symmetrical design, ensure to select a finish that flawlessly blends with your cabinet doors and handles.

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