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How to pick the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is just right around the corner. What better way to express your love and admiration to your mom, grandmother, and mother to your kids than handing them fresh and beautiful blooms that reflects the magnificent person that they are?

Who doesn’t love flowers? It’s safe to say that all moms appreciate and love getting flowers, especially from their loved ones. The beautiful blooms undoubtedly make them feel special, and for the incoming Mother’s Day, all moms would be delighted to receive either a fresh pick/s or a bouquet.


Sending flowers to your respective someone on this special day is one of the most thoughtful ways to remind them how wonderful they are and how much you respect them. If you’re unsure about what type and color of flower would be best to get, here are a few of the most popular and beautiful flowers that are commonly used for this occasion:


In case you didn’t know, carnations are the undeclared traditional Mother’s Day flowers which means you can never go wrong with picking these up to send to all the mothers that are dear to your heart.

Interesting fact: carnations last quite longer than other cut flowers. If your mom, or the person you’ll hand these to is traditional, here’s one they can enjoy staring at longer.


A well-known exotic yet gorgeous flower, orchids, make a wonderful present to hand out on this special occasion. It blooms in different colors and since more chances that not are you likely to see this in your home garden, it’s an economical choice that is equally thoughtful.


The classic, go-to flowers for any occasion—roses make as a delightful present of endearment and for a reason—they’re beautiful and symbolizes love. Sure, colors symbolize different meanings but roses, in general, exudes admiration. Red roses present love, neutral colored roses are perfect for expressing gratitude, pink roses illustrates admiration, a bouquet of assorted colored roses just speaks genuine love and thoughtfulness. You can never go wrong with roses as they are elegant and sophisticated.   


Sure, giving someone flowers is a definite way to make them feel special, however, nothing exudes cheerfulness like daisies. The simplicity of these blooms showcases purity and beauty, very much so for it’s warm and delightful appearance. The different color variations add character to the simple beauty of these flowering heads.


The classic, sophisticated, and simply elegant shape of tulips are enough to made it to this list. Tulips have a deep meaning; and each color has a corresponding one. Like roses, red tulips symbolizes love, yellow tulips are perfect to cheer someone up, white tulips are great representation of forgiveness, while pink tulips would be the perfect fit to give to your mom as it symbolizes adoration and warmth.

About the author: Fond of anything florals, Chie writes for Roses Only, one of the world’s most iconic rose brands. They supply roses with genuine long stems from the finest producers in the world.

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