How To Organize Your Kitchen Cabinet: You Are Just 5 Steps Away!

Whether you have shifted to your new apartment or just have gone through the remodeling phase, organizing your kitchen is one of the major tasks. While you want it to look beautiful, on the other hand you cannot compromise on the functionality section. From the appliance arrangement to backslash placement, there is so much to do. And then there is something more important. Yes, it is about the basic need of your kitchen– the cabinetry.Kitchen Cabinet Organization You are just 5 steps away

Cabinets have been a part of your kitchen since ages. These not only keep your space clean, but also help organizing your stuff. It may sound simple, but certainly, it is not! In fact, for many householders, it is no less than a daunting task. Are you among the same category and looking for some help? Then your search ends here. Read on to know detailed guide to organize your kitchen cabinets.

Step 1: Empty Your Cabinetries!Empty Your Cabinetries

This one is for those who are living inside, and are just planning for better organization. So, start pulling everything out. Carefully empty each cabinet, donate the stuff which you think is of no use or is not frequently used. You can discard the broken items. Do the same with every cabinet, set the stuff in separate areas on the floor, forming groups. While most kitchens are short on storage space, thus the essential goal needs to have things you love and use.

Step 2: Group The Stuff Wisely!Group the stuff wisely

Done with emptying process? Now it is right time to consider how to group all the items. Here you can plan to begin with piling the baking items altogether. Then move ahead with cooking items and start grouping them together. Keep the glassware and dishes you eat from daily at an easy to access place. While the items you use during holiday or other seasonal items, which only get used once or twice a year, can be placed in a safer and remote shelf. Check some tips here:

  • Keep the cooking and baking pieces close to the stove or microwave, i.e. where you do food preparation.
  • Daily use utensils need to be placed in the drawer nearest to the prep area.
  • Glassware can be kept near the sink or refrigerator.
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Step 3: Clear Containers To Simplify Your Work!Clear Containers To Simplify Your Work

Definitely, you need containers to streamline the inside your cabinets. Hence, after the dishes, glassware, etc., it is time to plan for other stuff like packets of sauce, gravy mixes, hot cereal packets and hot cocoa envelopes. For these, you need some small plastic containers and make sure you buy those transparent one. While they will help avoid your stuff being scattered all over the cabinet, also the use of clear boxes help recognize things easily. Few tips to be added here:

  • Discard the containers without lids.
  • For those extra plastic containers, either keep them with the lids on them, or you can store the lids in a separate container.

Step 4: Try Keeping Things In Vertical Style!Try Keeping Things In Vertical Style

Why not give a change to your set up? Just try placing hooks underneath the cabinets, and then you can use this to hold the mugs above the counter top or you can hang a stemware for wine glasses. Hence, you can save up considerable cabinet space. Similarly, you have an option to hang adhesive hooks on the inside of cabinet doors, where you can hold different tools. If falling short of space, you can use wall space to hang pots and pans.

Step 5: Be A Smart Kitchen Planner! Be A Smart Kitchen Planner

You might have a large kitchen space, but after a period of time, the space starts falling short for one or the other reasons. Not to worry! You can always escape this problem easily. You need to be a smart kitchen planner. Some tested ideas are here:

  • Drawer Dividers- These can be great for both, cooking utensil drawers and junk drawers. When you need than extra space to keep little miscellaneous things, and avoid your space to look overflowing and junky, these are the right solution. The same space can be used to provide better organization, assigning a little spot for stuff you need in your cabinet.
  • Sort Papers- These often occupy unnecessary space in your cabinets. Hence, it is better to get a magnetic sorter box and you can hang it on the side of the refrigerator. Use it to restore food coupons, takeout menus, your notepad, pen and other papers.
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So, next time when you have to plan for the kitchen cabinet storage configuration, you can follow these essential tips. Whether it is about storing those strictly bake ware, cookware, or dishes, these great ways help you keep it all organized.

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