How to Mentally Prepare Yourself For a New School Year To Avoid Depression

School is a harsh period for most children. It is not only about teaching, but also about the ability to communicate with classmates, friends and first in-loves. It is true that pupils often feel so-called “back to school stress.” What exactly causes depression and procrastination during school period? How to get ready to go back to school without stress?

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Find out the source of your depressive thoughts

Children and teenagers can avoid any negative feelings. To prevent depression, a pupil has to be mentally prepared for hard work. The initial step is figuring out the initial reasons of negativity and desire to skip study. It can be anything, including:

  • bad relationships with classmates
  • bad relationships with a teacher (or teachers)
  • one single incident that caused negativity and fear to happen again
  • unrequited love
  • low performance and feeling of being not smart enough
  • loss of interest in subjects
  • lack of activity and desire to do something else

These reasons are the most common ones. Moreover, most pupils experience problems during school, which means that you are not alone here. Everyone goes through it. Sometimes it is tough, but remember that it’s not so terrible as you think.

What to do?

Today the issue of bad marks and lack of time is out of the question. You have to concentrate on your emotions. After finding reasons of your unhappiness, there are two basic solutions:

  • to change it;
  • to bow to fate.

No one will explain to you how to mentally prepare for school except yourself. By getting rid of your fears and prejudices, you can turn your education into a funny and entertaining process, you can ask edubirdie essays writing in Canada for help and stay focused on important tasks. The school takes the significant part of human life. Why waste it with depressive thoughts?

Relationships with classmates

Sometimes friends from school remind friends for life. These are first relationships, which have a chance to become strong and life-long. Friendship is your answer to the question ‘how to relieve school stress.’ Take a bit more efforts to notice people, which surround you. There is a good chance one of them will become your close friend, which is not only helpful for finishing school but also can associate the time with fun, adventure, craziness or reliability, and fidelity.

Teachers and conveyors of knowledge

Are you excited about math? Can you spend hours in front of computer writing code without noticing it? Does geography make your eyes open wide? You have read the school literature program of the following year and already bored? The school has a lot to offer. Your boredom means that a wrong person is teaching you the information you are excited about. Try to change the class or find additional classes of something you are good at. School contests, debates, special clubs may open you the opportunities you have never dreamed about. Motivational movie “21” can be a good example of becoming smart and successful with the help of a teacher and passion.

Something that you can’t let go

Most people live through life drama during school years. It can be broken heart, first love, real friendship, achievement, passion, and experience in almost everything. These life-changing events usually leave an indelible imprint on your character, mood, values, morality, and principles. If something bad took place and it seems like there is no way to survive after this, well, there is. No need in concentrating on something else that pleases you, although this is a good option; think about the situation from the opposite extreme. It might become hard but helpful therapy.

Low performance

The fact that you don’t understand particular subjects doesn’t mean that you should be worried about it. There is a good chance that you will never use chemistry or biology, or math, or history in your life. It is not the reason for being depressed. Try to see the bigger picture. Most adults are intent on a specialized field in their professional career and forget completely everything they were studying hard to pass a regular school test. Get your C or D and relax doing something that makes you happy. Think about most millionaires like Richard Branson who didn’t finish school at all.


If you don’t have one, chances to be depressed are much higher. Hobby means doing what you love. It is not necessarily meant to get into sports, sing, play guitar, dance, travel, or other clichés. A hobby can also be learning languages, walking in parks, painting something special, spend time with different people and talk. This is something relaxing what you like. There are online tests, which can help you to make a choice.

Regular rules

All these pieces of advice can be completed with a rational way of life. Most people belittle healthy habits and its influence. Sleep well, eat healthy food, do sports, and you will be alright. Follow the rules of getting rid of procrastination step-by-step, and you will feel how life is becoming better.

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Helen Birk is a blogger and online consultant. Now she helps students with their paper tasks. She studied psychology and can help to deal with any problem: starting with common one and up to the most specific and complicated. Her articles and advice are highly appreciated by readers and clients. As a successful blogger and freelancer, she is a happy person who is ready to share her secrets of happiness.


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