How to Make Your Yard Look Awesome: 7 Tips to Spruce Up Your Lawn and Landscaping

Keeping your yard in tip-top shape can be a hassle if you have a lot of things on your plate. But this is not an excuse for you not to care for your lawn and landscape. For one, you can surely hire experts to achieve and maintain a healthy, great-looking yard for you. Also, there are simple yet effective ways to help keep your outdoor living space tidy and beautiful.

To help you out, experts in lawn care in Midlothian, VA share tips to improve your lawn and landscaping.


1. Plant. Plant. Plant.

A great-looking yard is filled with life. So make sure to plant shrubs and trees in your front yard to frame your doorway. Also, opt for colorful flowers — preferably, perennials that can bloom all year round, like mums and roses. But before planting, you must invest in some decent soil or perhaps have your soil tested to ensure that what you planted will be healthy and bloom profusely.

If your front yard doesn’t have enough of the proper soil, using planters is a good alternative. You can even rearrange them whenever you want to change up the look of the space. Make these pieces appear more stunning, especially at night, by coloring these with glow-in-the-dark paint.

2. Get rid of weeds

As soon as you notice weeds growing with your plants, make sure to pull them out immediately. Weeds are your plants’ worst enemy because they steal the nutrients your chosen plants should be receiving. You can manually pull out the weeds or perhaps use safe products to kill them, especially if they grew in stubborn areas like along your driveway and sidewalk.

3. Mow the grass regularly

Mowing your lawn is more than just keeping the height of the grass under control. It also helps to stimulate the grass so it can grow healthier and more lush. As a general rule, never cut your grass lower than three inches to keep weeds and pests at bay. Take note that when you use the right mowing technique, the overall health of your lawn is assured.

4. Trim your shrubs and trees

Having bushes, shrubs and trees in your yard can add life to it. But if you don’t keep an eye on their growth, these can get out of control. So make sure to keep your hedges, shrubs, and bushes at a nice height. Also, trim tree branches close to your house.

Although you can do most of the trimming work yourself, you can always invest in a professional bush and hedge trimming service to give your plants the perfect look and shape. Specialists in lawn care and landscaping in Powhatan, VA have the right experience, techniques and tools for all types of hedges, trees, and bushes so as not to destroy the appearance of your landscape and garden.

5. Plant vertically

If you don’t have plenty of yard space, consider planting vertically. You can let the vines crawl up your fence or wall. Also, you can use containers for plants, then hang them vertically so you don’t have to bend if you need to pick your plants and vegetables.

6. Remove leaves and debris

Leaves on your yard may appear pretty for a while, but they can eventually prevent the rays of the sun from reaching the roots of your grass and other plants. So it’s important to regularly clear fallen leaves. Raking can do the trick, but using a blower can also be useful to remove debris from your flower beds and yard.

 Furthermore, you can also invest in a professional leaf cleanup and removal service. This is proven to be beneficial if there are lots of leaves to remove on your yard and you don’t have enough time to do it.

In the fall, for instance, save yourself of the trouble of leaf cleanup by letting the professionals remove all the leaves and debris, as well as maintain your flower beds.

7. Don’t forget edging

Your pretty lawn can instantly become an unappealing, unkempt area with an unwieldy edge. Creating a solid edge between your garden beds, lawn and driveways will sharpen things up. Also, this stimulates your turf and other plants to grow uniformly. You can take advantage of easy-to-use edgers or trimmers. Otherwise, leave this task to lawn care and landscaping pros.

Caring for a yard is about more than just proper watering, aerating, and fertilizing. There are maintenance tasks that must be performed on a regular basis to ensure the health of your lawn and landscape. These include mowing, trimming, edging, and getting rid of weeds, leaves, and debris.

But if you don’t have enough time and energy to perform these lawn care jobs, you can always invest in professional lawn care and landscaping services. With expert help, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your yard will look great and healthy all year round.

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