How To Make Your Hair Shiny And Soft In Five Minutes?

Girls who have straight and glossy hair are may be the luckiest ones on earth. Majority of females who have dry, dull and frizzy hair believe that chemicals, treatments and products would do wonders to their hair! They are completely wrong. Hair keratin and other frizz removal treatments cause excessive damage to your hair; the horrors majorly lie in Formaldehyde that is also a major threat to eyes, lungs and skin. Also shampoos with SLS, SLES and parabens cause damage to your hair leaving the locks dry and dull.

Story of my hair:

I had a daily routine of shampooing my hair vigorously, applying conditioner and then using heat therapy to straighten them before leaving for work. This process however ate away my hair, literally ate it away. The bad choice of shampoo took away all the shine, improper conditioner use made no difference and flat irons made my hair brittle and dry. I was so worried and was constantly seeking advice from here and there, trying hard to get my hair back to life.

My lucky day:

I was on my search hunt that I came across a video shared on YouTube by a girl, regarding hair tips. It sounded so bogus at first but I thought of giving it a try for once. And to my surprise it did wonders, really. It took some time but I adhered to it for three months and the results were just awesome.

Correcting the first mistake I was doing included buying a new shampoo. I brought in a shampoo that had no SLS and Parabens.  Then I reduced the frequency of shampooing from each day to thrice a week. I would also make sure I used cold water for hair as it allows pores to release oils that are necessary for hair growth. So please ‘avoid using hot water for hair’. Also I would massage my hair and scalp with shampoo with light circular motions. I would rinse it properly and try removing maximum water from hair before applying conditioner. I stopped applying conditioner on roots and would just apply on locks and tips. Leaving conditioner for a minute and rinsing out properly made my hair soft and smooth all at once.

Magic trick:

What I did next was just a five –seven minute process that has proved to be amazing for my hair. I took a fluffy towel and stood beneath the fan or opened up a window to allow air to dry my hair. I took in hand a small amount of argon oil and rubbed it gently over my damp hair. Then I took locks of hair and with the towel gently tugged them down absorbing all the water from them. You could use thumb and fingers to do that or simply your entire hand to suck away all water from hair. Make sure you don’t yank at your hair. Each lock should take 30 seconds or less.
This is a natural heating method to straighten hair. Try this for three months and you will see your hair getting back to life!

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