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How to make your cut flowers last longer


Who doesn’t like receiving a fresh string or bouquet of flowers? No matter the occasion, receiving a set of fresh blooms can arguably outweigh any material presents for it represents sincerity and genuine adoration.

The joy of receiving these comes with a sad truth: these gorgeous flowers will soon wilt; it’s inevitable. But the grass is still greener on the other side. We cannot stop them from withering but we can do keep it long enough to keep your space cheery and blooming.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, here are ways you can lengthen and maintain the beautiful, fresh cut flowers you receive.


Cut the ends of the stems

Since your bouquet may have traveled for quite some time and since you’re keeping it for some time, might as well do the most to maximize and extend its longevity.

Before you transfer your flowers to a vase with water, cut their ends first at an angle with your shears. By cutting it, the stems won’t stand flat in the vase—making it hard for the water to absorb through.  

Water it

Some people stress over what type of water is more effective and healthy for flowers. Tap water works perfectly fine. However, if you think filtered water would be better, you may do so as it can help prolong and keep your bouquet fresher for as long as it can. Do check them to see the water level from time to time and add more when needed.

Place your flowers in a cool spot

This is a no-brainer. If you want your cut flowers to live longer, place them in a spot that is in either cool or warm temperature. Avoid direct sunlight and other warm areas for they will wilt quickly—the complete opposite of your goal. For maximum results, put your flowers in the fridge before you go to sleep, the cold temperature can help in preserving them longer. Let it take its own beauty sleep overnight.

Feed them with flower food

Chances are your bouquet comes with a little packet of flower food inside. It’s a preservative to put in the water once you transfer the flowers to the vase.

However, if it didn’t come with any packet, make a mix of your own! A teaspoon of sugar and lemon juice is enough to keep the flowers nourished and prevention of bacterial growth. It’s easy and you can easily find the two ingredients in your pantry.

If you got other tips and pieces of advice on how to keep cut flowers fresh for as long as possible, share it with us!

About the author: Fond of anything florals, Chie writes for Roses Only, one of the world’s most iconic rose brands. They supply roses with genuine long stems from the finest producers in the world.

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