How To Make Video Feature An Inevitable Part Of Your App’s Success Plan?

The video is a versatile and most engaging form of content, that is used by different brands to describe their stories and as a consequence help the consumers to stay with them. This content form can be used on multiple platforms, and surprisingly with some key elements integrated into it can even bring higher ROI for the businesses.

But when it comes to app technology, then most of the businesses have a common question, suggesting that how a video can be a helping hand in the app’s success plan?

You must know that video is massively accessible to anyone and creates an unbeatable engagement factor for your app. To help you understand it deeply, we have brought you this post today, let’s hop onto a journey to understand it better.

There are different types of video marketing, such as:

  • Demo Videos
  • Brand Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Educational or How-To Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Among many others…

How video feature helps your app?

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  • Helps in informing and educating users

When an app comes into existence then there are different aspects associated with it, some are technical and some are navigation-based, which must be taken into consideration while using the app. As your users are the first-timers on your app, it becomes a necessity for your business app to guide and teach them the right methods to use the app. Research has unleashed that 97% of users can understand the product easily with an app video.

A video works in a different spectrum, it is not just for the entertainment, but can be in the form of educating the users as well. It contains How to do’s and some other tutorials to help the users understand the basic functionality behind the app’s services.

Your users are very particular about the choices they are going to make with any service, and they have multiple options to choose from as well. Therefore, your app video must educate and inform them about the necessary steps to use the app in an engaging manner. This will help them to stay glued to your services for longer.

  • Improves Search Engine Optimization rate

A report conducted by Cisco has revealed that over 80% of all traffic will consist of video by 2021. It sounds interesting and engaging as well. We all know that Search engines love interesting content, and nothing fits this demand than a video.

It offers a great tool for the users to stay engaged with the high-quality content, and when you decide to utilize the video teasers in the app’s promo website or other social channels, then it takes no time for your app to boost its ranking on the ASO and SEO.

However, while using this feature, marketers have to keep a strong check on the optimization of content, thumbnail, or the # used within the caption, to bring massive user attention.

  • Gives your app a competitive edge

Video for marketing is one of the most sought-after tools used by businesses around the world. As we all know there is a huge glut of completion in every business. And by creating an app you sail one specific ladder of that platform, however, with the inclusion of a mobile app it turns out to be an engaging platform for the users. 

Further, this engagement brings you a competitive advantage and ensures to offer you the deserving attention and recognition in the market, which you always yearned for.

  • Offers a personalized approach

A video is a feature that triggers the PERSONALIZATION factor. 

Yes, you heard me all correct and fine!

With the help of video, it becomes a great opportunity for businesses to reflect their services, and create a personalized impact on the users. With the help of a video, it becomes easier for the users to grab a closer look at how they can utilize the offered services in their day-to-day life, and they build trust with the brand effortlessly.

  • Boosts sales conversion

It is stated that 90% of consumers are encouraged to buy after seeing a video, which means a video helps in making a purchasing decision. Do you know why it happens?

Yes, it happens largely due to the fact that people feel a connection after seeing the video, and they find it more confident to purchase. This helps business apps to boost the conversion rate to 80% almost. 

Another fact behind this theory is that video keeps the users engaged for longer hours and they find it interesting to buy the product. Further, video helps even those, who are in a hurry and want to understand better about the product and how it will help them.

  • Video encourages buying-decision

Eventually, video is a proven marketing method, that helps mobile apps to find out their existence in the chaotic app world. And with time its popularity is going to increase in abundance. However, many out there feel, that how a video can boost the app’s success plan, then you have to understand a fact that in the current world we all are looking for a fast lifestyle, that brings a notable change in the market.

When everyone is so busy scheduling their tasks and meeting their requirements, in such an environment, it becomes a necessity for the businesses to encourage users to make the right buying design. And this is where the video feature comes handy, and creates that connection with the buyers to make the final purchase. A video helps your audience to see and hear your portal in the real-life context.

How to create the best video for your app?

  • Plan your video, with a goal, target audience, and other creative requirements;
  • Script your video complementing the genre of your app;
  • Keep the video duration short and crisp;
  • Include animation smartly, and it should not create humor to destroy the flavor of your video;
  • Don’t focus on your product but on users’ pain point.

Food for thought

Video is not just about fun or entertainment, but it is a great way to access your audience and bring them a glimpse of what you are exactly. Henceforth, you need to think much beyond the profit and services, but show how you are ready to address their pain points with some valuable information. Your video must not be taken as just a feature, but a proven tool to drive better sales rate. 

Remember, the more engaging is your video, the more users are likely to stick around your app.

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