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How to Make Technology Work for You


The decade we live in now is marked by the incredibly high development of technical science. In spite of the alleged pros of it, the smartphone can surprisingly harm an individual. Being stuck to social networks and simple browsing, a person becomes less efficient and effective. How to make the technology work for you in a positive way is a tricky question, however, we prepared several steps for you how to make friends with this phenomenon without any harm to each side.


Connect Your Professional Area to the Technical Process

Sounds weird, but try to develop a connection between what you do in life and the technological process you use. The easiest example for this advice is downloading the Leafsnap UK application if you work in the field of trees – you are thus connecting your professional field with engineering science. The application will let you define the name of the tree by scanning the picture of its leaf. You are thus connecting your work to technology.

Become a Part of the Technical Process You Adore

Alternatively, you may consider the technical process you use and develop yourself in this field. It is not easy to understand but here is the explanation below. An example to demonstrate this advice will be you becoming an Instagram blogger if you adore watching pictures there. Take the task seriously and try to earn money by your hobby – post good quality pictures, get the new followers, and accept interesting offers. Just be open and do not miss the chance of becoming a part of the technical process that you personally like.

Explore the Influence the Technical Process Has on You

Give yourself an honest and fair reply to the question: “Does using my smartphone have a positive influence on me and my surrounding?” If the answer is a definite yes, then do not worry and keep on using the social networks that you used. If the answer is closer to no, then you have to reconsider your attitude and your usage of technological means. For example, you spend too much time on social networks, and it keeps you distant from your close friends and colleagues at work. In such situation, you have to limit your timeframe looking through pictures in social networks and pay more attention to people who surround you. Each time your hand reaches the phone, try to remember quickly when you last checked your newsfeed was. If it was recently, do not even touch the phone. Alternatively, you can let yourself check your social networks only in the morning and at night before going to bed. After following this rule, you will be surprised to find out how much more free time appeared and how much people who surround you appreciate your attention.

Save Time

Techniques can save a lot of time, but you need to know how to use it. Read about the applications or simple operations that can save your time in your professional field. Use different options; ask essay writing websites for help. It can be as easy as the keyboard shortcuts to the application CamScanner that allows you to provide scans of the documents by simply taking their pictures. Just have a proper think about what tasks are the most time-consuming in your work and search for the technological ways of saving it. You will be surprised to find out how many applications exist nowadays and how extremely beneficial they are.

As seen from everything explained above, one just has to let the smartphone into his/her life but smartly. S/he has to find the unique balance of using the techniques only when s/he really needs it and not to replace all the other actions with it. One has to stay conscious about what technology is doing to him.

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