How To Make a Tree house Design

When you first set out to discover how to build a tree house, there are many things to take into consideration before you get started.

By far the most important consideration for your new tree house is the tree you are starting with. Weak, sick, or rotting trees might be a real danger to you and your family, so it’s important to really inspect your tree before you begin.

How old is your tree? Is it the kind of tree with a deep enough root system that can handle all the extra added weight? Is there at least one sturdy branch that will help anchor your tree house to the tree? Will you be able to spread out the weight throughout the tree to make your structure more solid?

It is crucial to start with the perfect tree before you get into the essentials of how to build a tree house…

Make a Tree house Design


Now that we have determined you have the perfect tree for building a tree house, it’s time to start out with some basic tree house designs. Start with the structure first and then figure out how elaborate you plan to go with your tree house.

One of the easiest ways to figure out how to build a tree house is to take some pictures of the tree from many angles. After this, you will need to print out pictures of your tree and then make some black and white or color copies of your photos. Make a few of each.

In these photos, you are going to sketch out a few rough ideas of what your finished tree house is going to look like. This is where having many angles of your tree will come in handy. Pictures shot from the side will help you to figure out what the basic look of your tree house will be and pictures shot from below will help you to figure out the basic floor plan for your tree house.

This is a good time to figure out how people will get in and out of your tree house. Will you be using stairs or a ladder or both? Are you adding any rope access or even a fireman’s pole for easy exit? The more thought you put into getting in and out of your tree house, the more fun it becomes for anyone using it. This will also dictate how much it actually gets used; if you make it too hard (or dangerous) to get in and out of, no one will use it!

For a while, I’ve wanted a tree house, but I’m not sure if we have the right kind of trees on my property. I’m wondering what is the best tree to build a tree house on? I have several kinds of trees, but to make a good, sturdy, and safe tree house, what characteristics should a tree have?

Is there a specific kind of tree that makes for the longest-lasting tree house?

Tree house Features

The next step in how to build a tree house is to consider what it’s going to look like beyond the basic structure. What will the roof look like? Will it have windows? Will it have a conventional door or a trap door? If you live in a colder climate, will it be insulated? Can it be locked?

The more features you add to your tree house, the better it becomes and the more likely that you are creating something that adds value to your house when it’s time to sell it.

The best part is that you can always add to your tree house design later as you dream up improved design functions and as your budget for building a tree house increases.

The best type of tree for tree houses

As stated earlier, you want to go for big strong branches and a well-established root system. Another thing to consider is the type of bark covering the tree. Building your tree house in a “scratchy” tree such as an Alligator Juniper I used to climb on as a kid might not be ideal for younger kids. You should also choose a tree with thick, solid bark to build your tree house on. The bark is what brings the water and nutrients to the top of the tree. Once the bark gets damaged to the point that it can no longer feed the tree, your tree will eventually die.

Consider the leaves in the tree and the extra weight that the falling leaves will add to the tree house in the fall. If you built your tree house properly, this shouldn’t be such an issue, but it’s just one more aspect of the best tree to build a tree house on. You can also check the help of jsw price in for your use.

The Sky’s the Limit!

Since you are building a structure that probably doesn’t require a building permit (unless you are building a house-sized tree house), you can pretty much do anything your imagination can think of. However, you are limited by the weight restrictions of the tree. After a certain point, you may have to run supports down to the ground to take some burden off the tree and make a more solid tree house.

Other than that, your only other limitations are your tree house building budget and your imagination.

Now would be a great time to check out some books on how to build a tree house to get a solid idea on what you are about to design and how to handle some of the common problems you will face when building a tree house.

Designing a tree house can be a lot of fun. It can also be a pain if you don’t have the proper design before starting. Anyone can build a tree house, but as with most things in life, if you don’t have a decent guidebook, you might very easily get discouraged and have yet another unfinished project for people to nag you about.

So don’t blow it before you even get started and get a book to help you every step of the way!

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