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How to Lay a Foundation to a Successful Small Business Brand?


While reputation, client base, regulars and business model are something you need to develop and evolve in time, it’s not impossible to have a fully developed brand from day one in the industry. Later on, you just need to spread brand recognition and brand awareness, yet, the main traits of your brand can exist independently of how many people know about them. With that in mind, here are several tips on how to lay a foundation to a successful small business brand from day one.

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1.      Give your brand a human face

Instead of just being a generic brand online with a generic logo and a generic color scheme, why not use actual faces to promote your business. A group photo at the forefront may make a world of difference, seeing as how this can demonstrate to your audience that your company is not a hoax and that your company means business. Once you get several clients, you can use them in testimonials to promote your business, as well. Unlike faces of your personnel, these are probably the faces that your team can identify with, which is a powerful sales-driving tool, to begin with.

2.      Old-school marketing gives you legitimacy

Registering a business online takes several minutes, making a semi-decent looking website takes several hours, registering a couple of emails takes a minute and a similar thing goes for making an e-store. Seeing as how cheap and quick it is to make an online business, it’s no wonder that people distrust a lot of online brands. Therefore, to legitimize your business, you might want to resort to old-school marketing techniques. Hiring billboards, printing leaflets, handing out promotional materials or buying exhibition stands to attend events might be viable methods for doing so.

3.      Put one person in charge of your PR

If possible, one person should deal with all your public announcements. Why? So that your brand can demonstrate some consistency in its public relations. By relying on one content creators, you’ll ensure that all your posts are written in the same style, tone and voice. Even if there’s someone to replace them, make sure they can emulate this as efficiently as possible. Sure, you may assume that it’s unrealistic of your clients to expect this, yet, it’s important that they see your organization as a single entity. This is also the reason why one person should be in charge of all social media statements that your brand makes.

4.      Build an app

Keep in mind that your staff spends most of their day with their phone by their side, which is why getting them to install your app may be a game-breaking practice. First of all, the icon of your app is usually a logo of your company, which means that just having it installed (even if they’re not using it) raises brand awareness. Second, with the help of the notification system, you can send them direct instant messages that they can’t ignore. Apart from this, there’s also the benefit of leading them straight to your store, which can drastically reduce the overall bounce rate. Just try to avoid annoying them by abusing this feature too frequently.

In conclusion

With these four simple steps, you can drastically strengthen your brand long before you actually start developing relationships with your clients. Sure, getting them to grow with your brand is what strengthens the loyalty but there’s no reason why you have to start from scratch. Giving yourself a head start is probably the best way to get a competitive edge in an efficient and organic manner.

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