How To Know If You Need To Replace Your Gutter System

Gutters are a crucial part of every home’s amenities. Ignore something as seemingly simple as that and a multimillion dollar home can fall into a shabby state of deterioration within months.

The good thing about gutter systems is that they can and do last for a very long time, the average gutter system lasts an average of 15 years with decent maintenance. But when they start failing in the functions, leaking water everywhere and generally draining water towards the house as against away from the home, you should consider a replacement.

However, when gutters develop problems like this, most people still opt for repairs instead of replacement. The following are factors that will help you decide if replacement is in order instead of repairs.

Look for Breaks in the System

The first thing to look for in a gutter is to see if there are cracks in the gutter system. Breaks and cracks in the gutter system mean that the leakages will probably get worse even when you try to seal them.

Start with the joints and mitered corners first to see if there are significant cracks. If these are present, it’s only a matter of time before the entire gutter starts leaking water all over the place.

Whenever this happens, it is best to have the entire system replaced instead of repaired. This is because repairs are largely temporary. The cracks are likely to open up again after a while as a result of constant exposure to water.

Now, when this happens, it won’t affect just the roof, it will affect the soffit, fascia, the walls and other parts of the house. Usually, the result is significant water damage which can cost a small fortune to fix. Avoid this completely by having the entire system replaced for far less in the first place.

What’s the Sloping of the Gutter System

Look at the sloping of the gutter system. An ideal system should have a sloping that’s just right and draining into the downspout. If it’s straight or bent, it won’t drain properly and will retain water and ice.

Left like this for long, the hinges fastening the gutter will weaken resulting in the gutter either falling off completely or splitting at its weakest point. So, check to see if the sloping is accurate and the downspout still drains waste properly and away from the home.

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Signs of Water Damage Close the Gutter System

Most times, it is very easy to spot possible severe water damage in the future by simply looking at the areas close to the roof and gutters. If there are obvious signs of this, then you should go ahead with a replacement as against repairs.

If you cannot afford an instant replacement, look for a gutter expert that will carry out the repairs and then plan towards replacing it within 3-6 months depending on the season in question.

This is important because prolonged exposure of the water to your property is likely to result in water damage, which can be rather costly to fix and repair.

The Installations Were Poorly Done

Firstly, always hire an expert, like Aerotech, to do your gutter installation. More people are attempting do-it-yourself gutter installations. There’s nothing really wrong with this. It’s just that many of them make mistakes that can damage their properties and homes.

So, look for signs of improper gutter system installations. An improperly installed gutter will either need to be taken down and reinstalled or completely replaced if the bad installation has caused major damages.

Now that you know when to replace your gutter system, go check out your gutters and see if you could change them. Good luck.

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8 thoughts on “How To Know If You Need To Replace Your Gutter System”

  1. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that cracks in your gutter system can indicate that you need a replacement. My husband and I recently moved into an older home, and I’ve noticed that there are some pretty big cracks on various parts of the gutters. I don’t want to have problems because of leaking, so I’ll definitely look into having the whole system replaced. Thanks for the great post!

  2. My husband and I have been noticing some strange activity with our house and I am suspicious that it is related to our gutters. I wasn’t aware that a bend in the gutter could prevent it from draining properly, so I’ll be sure to have my husband go and check for damages like that. It seems to me like a well functioning gutter is necessary to properly drain a roof after a storm. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I’ve noticed that my gutter is starting to pull away from my roof a little bit. You mentioned in the article that I ought to look at getting it repaired quickly since failure to do so could result in water damage to my home. Do you have any helpful tips on how I should go about finding a gutter replacement company?

  4. The article makes a pretty good point about how important it is to look at the slope of your gutters. As is pointed out, they need to be sloped at the right angle to drain water properly. However, if they’re sitting straight or have a huge dip in them then they will not drain correctly.

  5. Thanks for mentioning that I should check to see if there are any dents in the slope that could affect performance. My home is rather old, and I’ve been worried about the gutter system. After reading this article, it seems like it’s time for me to install a new gutter. Do you have any tips for finding a qualified professional?

  6. It seems like there is some sloping of my downpipe. I’m worried that I might need to have it replaced soon. It’s good to know that if it is like that for a long time, it could end up falling off or splitting, like you said. It would probably be best for me to just replace it right away to prevent any big damage.

  7. I appreciate it when you pointed out that it is easy to find water damages in the areas that are close to the roof and gutters, so those are the places that a person should check if they want to know if the gutter needs to be replaced. I don’t need to look at the gutters to know. The water has even reached the inside of the living because of how the gutter is not directed. We need a roofer to fix this ASAP.

  8. Thanks for pointing out that the ideal gutter system should have a slight slope or else it will retain water and ice. When it rained yesterday, I noticed that my home’s gutter system didn’t seem to be draining like it should. I wasn’t able to find an obvious problem, so it’s definitely possible that the slope of the gutter is to blame!


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