How To Keep Your Big Customers

Many companies are dependent on a few large customers. In other words, having a well-functioning plan for keeping them is crucial for continuing to be successful. Here are tips on how to increase the ability to keep your big customers a long time ahead.


Do not take anything for granted

Many go around in a false belief that the big customers are a fact. It’s usually when they start leaving you. Therefore, make sure that there is never a moment at the company where you take your big customers for granted.

Get to know them really well

Whatever kind of relationship, knowing the customer is a key factor for a continued good relationship. Therefore, be constantly active in constantly getting to get to know your customer. Never think you know enough. For example, a new CEO can change the game rules in a very short time. Always ask your contacts what’s going on, how their business looks, about their customers, etc. Please feel free to report news about the customer and their industry to be better at asking the right questions.

Understand their challenges and solve them

What big problems are your customers facing? If you are aware of these, you can predict how this will affect your business. You can also start to see how you can help them solve them in good time. That means you will have the answer when they ask you.

Or, more preferably, be proactive and show solutions to problems they have not even seen themselves.


As in love relationships, routines and strolling threats are a threat to the customer relationship. Routines are at the same time often necessary for a well-functioning collaboration, but occasionally try to surprise. It can be something simple that makes it easier for your customer in his work or perhaps a smaller personal gift to your contacts.


Your big customers will continue to demand more of you for less money. Therefore, always work to streamline and try to make your product more cost effective. Dare to question things you have done to the customer for a long time. Is it really worth something for the customer or can you remove it and thus create space for something else that adds value? The only thing you can be sure is that it’s not the same things that are important now as when they became a customer. Everything changes.

Nothing lasts forever

In order to keep a customer, one must first realize that nothing lasts forever, sooner or later something will happen that will make your big customer no longer your big customer. There may be things completely beyond your control or your own rudeness, no matter what, it’s a fact. Therefore, be sure to always have a proper plan of acquiring new customers. Especially in times when everything is going well, it’s important not to stop selling to new customers.

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