How To Install Electric Roller Shutters Safely

Are you looking for some tips to install electric roller shutters? If so, this article will guide through the installation process of electric roller shutters. Some of the tools that are required in installing shutters include spirit levels, hammer, drill bits, electric components, stainless-steel screws, and drill.


Install the Electric Roller Shutters In An Easy Manner:

  • Mark the top horizontal position of the roller shutter on the wall. Also, mark the width of the roller shutter on that line. Level down each window side in a vertical direction from these 2 marks. With the outline of the shutter which is marked on the wall above the window, check out the center of the window and also pre-drill a hole prior to installation.
  • Measure the headbox depth and also the distance from the top position of the shutter which has been marked on the wall. This will provide you the exact position for the guide top on window’s each side.
  • Then hold that guide on the two positions that are already marked such as top guide position as well as the vertical position of the guide. After that, you can easily mark the position w so as to fix guide on the wall and these marks will then also be transferred to another side of the guide.
  • Then drill via front as well as the back of that guide and determine the size of the screw with the help of the size of the drill. The front guide requires a hole of 10mm which is inserted with the colored guide plugs which are used to cover the fixing points.
  • The headbox comes with some holes which are pre-drilled so as to attach the cover of the headbox after installation. Then the guide legs are made to some position to connect the guides with the assembly. First, remove rubber wings which hold the end of the plastic box which helps to guide curtain from headbox into the guides. After this, slide guides on the leg of each side. Also place the shutter carefully on the house wall in which outline is marked and mark fixing points.
  • Then place the shutter carefully next to window and feed cable with the motor by means of the hole which has been already pre drilled. Raise the roller shutter to the outline mark which has made on the wall, then screw the roller shutter to the house wall.
  • Now unwrap the curtains from the box and also place the curtain bottom into guides on every side. So that, the curtain of your window will not move until the motor has turned the axle.
  • Get in touch with an electrician who is well experienced as well as well qualified to deal with such installation process.
  • At the end of the motor axle, there will be a white and yellow button and these buttons will help you operate the curtains in various ways like fully open, fully closed and more.
  • If both the buttons are depressed, set them down and up limits with your commence. It would be better if the limit setting starts from the mid position. Also, practice the limit setting until you are confident as well as comfortable with the procedure.

These are some of the important steps that need to be followed to install electric roller shutters in an easy as well as effective manner. Install it in an easier way and enjoy controlling the roller shutters with the help of remote control.


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