How to Identify and Prevent Unauthorized Document Leaks

The documents whether informative or legal, may have equally negative impact on your organization if leaked. The growth of the organization depends on many aspects starting from its establishment, customer base, marketing, and brand building. All these functions together help the organization in planning and implementing their mission and vision successfully. These fundamental functions of the organization are backed with strategy, line of action, and concrete plan. The entire blueprint of this planning is recorded by the organization in soft form or sometimes as the documents recorded physically. These documents are the organization’s Intellectual Property (IP) and the document or information leak may lead to many dangerous consequences.

Prevent Unauthorized Document Leaks

Causes of information leak

The causes of information leak are internal and external. The internal causes include the document or information leak carried out by an insider. This is carried out through copying, printing, emailing, sharing, downloading, or even by taking screenshot of the documents. The digital storage devices and networking are the two major causes for such internal information leak.The external causes for document or data leak are mostly related to hacking and document theft. The malicious codes are administered by the intruders to hack the critical organizational information.

Consequences of information leak

The information leak will incur hefty consequences depending on the kind of information leaked. The theft or leak of confidential information may include;

  1. Unique research outcomes – The companies invest years in research and development process. Lot of hard work and funds are involved in such research and development activities. When the outcome of such research is leaked from the organization through either internal or external cause of leakage, the organization may face dangerous consequences affecting the success of its future endeavors.
  2. Secret business processes – The key to success for any business lies in its unique business processes. Some of these processes are kept secret due to their critical nature.The information leak may also target these business processes that work for the business success. The loss of such processes to the competitors would affect the business adversely.
  3. Customer database – The customer database drives your business to very large extent. The existing customers of any business are its driving force and the business owners get the strength and resources to pull in new business from the existing customer base. The information about this customer database when leaked to other organizations would take away the major business to the competitors.PDF-Password-Protection

Identification and prevention of unauthorized document leak

The above discussed consequences and causes are prevalent in all industries and the only way to tackle them is through the counter technology. The software developed to overcome the information leak should address all of the above issues with equal efficiency.

Auditing of the documents for viewing and all other functions like copying, printing, and sharing would take the security of the document to the next level. The Enterprise DRM software would allow the user to audit the number of views and also support in restricting the number and time of viewing of the document. The auditing of the documents through this software would provide information like;

  • Number of views.
  • Time per view.
  • Identity of viewer.
  • List of activities carried out on the document.
  • Restricting the document use.

Thus, it would be the best way to protect documents and files from data leakage while protecting its value for the organization.
Make Enterprise DRM an integral part of your business process and ensure the utmost security of your confidential documents.

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