How to have the Perfect Smile: 8 hacks for your best smile

American actress, Phyllis Diller, known for her cackling laughter once said, ” A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” You may often find yourself feeling lonely and sad. At that moment, if you meet a longtime friend or experience a rewarding situation, the smile automatically appears on your face. Your day is no longer gloomy. Research shows smiling stimulates the same emotions you would experience when you win $25,000. 

Why does smiling instil so much joy? The cortex of the brain sends a signal to the brainstem. This signal transmits from the cranial muscles to the smile muscles in the face. The smile reinforces the joyful feeling to the brain. This cycle is the reason behind the simple act of smiling exponentially increasing the joy you experience. 

Now that you have found sufficient reason to smile, it is time to learn to do it in the best way. While smiling is not a hard job to do, maintaining the pearly whites essential for it is hard work. Do not worry so soon. Here are 8 hacks for the perfect smile. 

#1 You should do the regular dental chores the correct way 

Brushing is an essential chore you must never skip. While you are already familiar with the importance of brushing, it is equally important to know the right way to brush your teeth. Do not put excessive pressure on the teeth while cleaning. Being vigorous with the brush can lead to injuries. Align the brush at a 45-degree angle and make small strokes gently. 

Flossing helps clean the areas where the toothbrush can not reach. Be gentle in sliding the floss. If you do not like to floss, oral irrigators are an excellent alternative. A good rinse will flush the bacteria out, leaving you fresh and your teeth sanitized. 

You must perform regular dental chores correctly so that you have the perfect smile for the cameras. 

#2 You must say no to smoking 

The impact of smoking on your smile is severe. Superficial stains on the teeth are the effect of smoking which if left untreated, seep deep into the enamel leaving permanent spots. With time, the gums recede creating dark spaces between teeth. This damage is irreversible. Moreover, smoking can lead to bruxism. Bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding, severely degrading your teeth, ruining your perfect smile. Therefore, say NO to smoking at your earliest. 

#3 You should not overindulge in the beverages 

The pearl white colour of the teeth is prone to staining. Beverages like coffee, tea and red wine tend to leave superficial stains which over time become permanent stains. While it is difficult to stop consumption completely, try to limit the intake. In addition to this, do not let the dark liquids coat your teeth for a long time. This norm is also applicable to beverages laced with excess sugar. Sodas and sports drinks come in the ambit of beverages bad for your dental health.

#4 Flush the bacteria with plenty of water 

Water is your best friend if you want to have a perfect smile. Rinsing your mouth with water after meals and beverages flush the bacteria and discourage degradation of teeth. Moreover, fluoride in water, especially tap water, has added benefits. Fluoride prevents tooth decay, thereby, allowing you to have a nice smile. 

#5 Make the right choice of dental products 

The market has a plethora of dental products advertising various benefits. Popular items like whitening toothpaste, gel pens, custom trays and rinses have allowed for achieving professional dental care at home. Natural alternatives are also popular for getting a blinding smile. Orange peels, carrots and apple cider vinegar have whitening properties. The choices are overwhelming and each product has specific benefits. Therefore, it is best to seek your dentist to get the best. 

#6 Take measures to avoid dental injuries 

Research shows that a whopping $500 million are spent each year on dental injuries. Dental injuries are a common occurrence while playing sports — dental damages caused while playing amount to 39%. A chipped front tooth can make you lose confidence distorting your perfect smile. Hence, take measures to prevent dental injuries. Face cages, helmets and mouthguards offer excellent protection, especially when you indulge in activities involving high speed or great force. If you suffer from teeth grinding while asleep, dental guards can help put a barrier between the teeth. 

#7 Do not delay in repairing damages 

Most often you neglect to get the chipped or knocked-out teeth repaired at the earliest. This hampers the dentist from fixing the damages properly. Dental injuries often are reversible, especially if the tooth goes back into the socket within an hour. Dentists recommend keeping the tooth in milk or held into the socket until professional help is not available. 

#8 Make frequent visits to the dentist to keep the smile perfect 

Visiting the dentist is the best way to take care of your perfect smile. A visit to the dentist must be made twice in a year. It is easy to deal with the plaque in the early stages by brushing and flossing. However, once it hardens over time turning into tartar, it can become the cause of oral diseases. The dentist can help correct superficial stains on teeth in the early stage preventing them seeping deep into the enamel. Healthy gums are another requisite for the perfect smile. Regular dental visits ensure disease-free gums. Moreover, these allow for the discovery of any signs of cancer and other troubles in the early stages. 

Visiting the dentist traumatises a lot of people. If you are one of them, you can opt for sedation dentistry. A sedation dentist makes your dental clinic experience anxiety-free. You can opt to be put in a deep sleep with general anaesthesia or stay awake but relaxed and calm with sedation. Sedation dentistry helps minimize gag reflexes and avoid traumatic dental injuries. It is a boon for people with special needs.

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