How to Give The Perfect Massage

Massage has plenty of positive benefits both the mind and the body. Although there are hundreds of kinds of massage using different techniques, most of them share similar principles. Follow this guide and learn how to give a quality back massage at home.

A massage can be performed best when the area being massaged is without any clothes. The person you’re massaging should be undressed to the point he or she feels comfortable. If it’s necessary, give that person additional towels to cover parts of the body not being massaged.

The person should lie face down on their belly. If you don’t have a massage table, you’ll need to create a soft surface so the person can lie comfortably. You can use the floor, a couch, or a regular table. The table is the best solution as the person giving the massage will be able to do it without. Be sure to lay a soft mattress over the floor or the table.  Use a pillow or a folded towel and put it beneath the ankles in order to support the person’s lower back.

A good massage can’t be done without a lubricant. We suggest using grape seed oil or almond oil, but there are plenty of scented and specialty massage oils you can use as well. Pour the oil in the palm of your hand; a small quantity at first. Warm the oil by rubbing it between your fingers and hands before applying it to the person you are massaging.

Make sure the oil is spread around the body of a person you’re massaging. The bast way to do so is to use long gliding movements; a technique which is called “effleurage” (stands for “light friction”.

Start at the bottom of the back and move upward using the whole of your hands. Always move upward towards the heart, applying pressure at the same time. Be sure to maintain contact while simultaneously releasing the pressure as you move your hands back down. Repeat this technique for several minutes and shift between light and medium pressure; this will warm up the muscles of the back. Do the same for shoulders and the neck.

Massage Therapy

We advise using shorter and circular strokes. This so-called petrissage techniques enhance circulation. They involve using palms, fingertips, and knuckles in short and circular motions. The trick is in using your waist – instead of your shoulders – to perform the movement (otherwise you’ll get tired pretty quickly). Move across the entire back for about 3 to 6 minutes.

After that, switch to what are called “percussive strokes”. It’s a famous massage technique involving a collection of brief and repetitive touches with the hand. You can use the flat of the fingers, or you can gather your fingertips to an event point; the movements are useful as they have a stimulating effect on tissue. Make sure your wrists are relaxed (flexing at the wrist is very important) and use swift movements.

You can use these massage techniques for different parts of the body. Alternate between the movements, make sure you apply an appropriate amount of pressure and the person you’re massaging will surely be delighted.

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