How to Fix Your House for a Quick Sale

It’s a buyers’ market, so selling your house now gives you some competition. However, if you are selling there are a few tips which can make your house sell quicker than you might have thought.

Like meeting someone for the first time, first impressions are everything, even when buying a home. Curb appeal, stained carpets and peeling paint won’t have people lining up to put an offer on your home. Experts from Cheap locksmith Vancouver suggest that with a little time and creativity, a few quick fixes can make the difference between getting multiple offers, and sitting on the market for yet another season.


Make Your Interior Memorable

Freshening up your home with a new coat of paint will make a world of difference.  It’s perhaps the most cost effective way to improve the interior.  Cracked and peeling paint will deter any buyers, since it could be perceived as lack of pride in ownership.  Going to your local Home Depot or Lowes will allow you an array of colors to choose from.  Many vendors will mix a small can so you can test a new color on your wall before investing the time and money in several gallons.  A vibrant color with an accent wall will help make your home more memorable to buyers who are looking at multiple properties.

Some Little Fixes That go A Long Way

Most buyers are looking for a house that’s as move in ready as possible.  Very few buyers are looking to make many “do it yourself” repairs, no matter how small they might be.  The better condition your home is in, the more likely a seller is to get their asking price, or at least closer to it.  Any broken countertops, cracked tiles or holes that need patching should be done before the house is shown.  Few buyers want to move in and have to do touch ups in every room.  Replace any broken lights and ensure that all doors open and close smoothly.  While these are seemingly minor details, they are the difference between making an offer and passing a house up in a market as volatile as the one we are currently in.

Organize and Depersonalize

Space is one of the top considerations when buying a first place, according to HGTV’s “My First Place.”  Therefore, when showing a home, remove and store as much “stuff” that can be placed away.  Show off your kitchen counter tops by storing unnecessary appliances in cabinets.  Buyers are interested in your kitchen space, not the appliances you own and are going to pack up to take with you.  Maximize your storage capabilities by organizing your cabinets.  When it comes to the bathrooms, fold and hang clean towels, clear off the vanity, and cover or remove clothes hampers.  Clearing out visible clutter not only helps show off the space which you are offering, but will also help buyers picture it as their own.

Curb Appeal

No one expects to pull up to a house of lawn sculptures, prize winning rose gardens and fountains that someone can swim in.  What they do look for is a mailbox that’s in good condition, and a house number that’s easily visible from the street.  Any exterior doors or garage doors should be free of fading or flaking paint.  Sometimes a power wash of the entire exterior might be in order, depending on the condition of the siding.  Freshen up the trim around the windows, perhaps even a coat of paint on the front door.  In the spring time, put out a seasonal box of flowers and make sure the lawn is well kept. Again, you want potential buyers to be drawn in the moment they arrive, as well as be able to picture the house as their very own.

The few simple projects mentioned above can vastly improve your home’s overall appearance and therefore increase your chance of selling at your asking price in this volatile market.

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