How To Find The Right Printer For Your Office Space – Tips and Advice

Even though printers and toners have not evolved much, the technology around them has changed. Today’s printers are trying their level best to satisfy their customer’s needs with options like mobile printing, wireless connectivity and near-field communication system. But before shopping for a small office printer, it is important to first know how much you are willing to spend and for what need/purpose

For an office printer, you should seek for a professional- quality printer. Even though some might think that a laser printer is the best for office, but in most cases a color inkjet is the best option; it has cheaper ink plus it is more capable than laser printers.

Here are the important features of a good small office printer that you should watch out for when buying onePrinter

Multifunction models

In this era, nobody wants a copier that just prints alone. Look for a multi function printer that is also capable of scanning too. A multi-function printer is good for the versatility because it will make it easier for you to print, scan, copy and even fax your documents without wasting much of your time

Paper handling

The amount of sheets your machine can accumulate should go beyond the total number of printed pages that you print each day. This will help you to reduce paper loading. A good printer should typically hold about 100 to 150 paper sheets in one tray. A busier office should go for a printer that can hold up several paper trays.


Almost all printers nowadays can connect to a PC via USB, plus the office-oriented printers are featured with an Ethernet port that is used for wired networking. Also don’t skip Wi-Fi as a feature because most printers nowadays are equipped with Wi-Fi for ease in your office setting.


Duplexing or two-sided printing can cut down the cost of your paper in half. Look for an office printer that offers manual duplexing; it is a mode that is intended to produce prompts to guide you on how to reload and rotate a paper to print the other side. But it can be a hassle if you are duplexing all the time.


Most office printers are designed with small displays on their control panels so as to help you with menu selection options or to show the printer status. The typical display consists of 1 or 2 lines of character messages, the higher-end printers have a full-color display and with touch capability. Rather than blinking lights or inscrutable, you can prefer to have any type of display.

Judging print quality

Before you purchase a printer, it is good to taste it first by printing before paying your money. This will help you to know exactly how images and texts will appear. Here are things to consider when judging a print quality

  • Text
  • Graphics
  • Gradient
  • Colors
  • Print head banding

Your printer is considered as the foundation of your office. Therefore, it has to be able to perform all the tasks efficiently. These above tips and features will help you to find the ideal printer for your small office.

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