How To Find Perfect Solar Installer

Are you interested in making the switch to home solar power? If so,you are ready to take the first step to saving on your power bills and helping your home go green!

Solar panels must be installed through an authorized builder or an authorized electrician. Check the license details of your builder or electrical contractor before the installation process.

Finding a reliable installer for your home solar panels can be an overwhelming undertaking. Therefore,the following are 6 tips to help you find the perfect solar installer to prepare your home to go green.


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  1. Ask for peer or family recommendations:The most reliable way to ensure your satisfaction would be to work with a recommended resource. Ask individuals like your friends, relatives, colleagues, and so on, who have gone through the process of solar installation. This allows you to easily ask all the questions you may have about the installers, the installation process, and their direct interactions with the installer while receiving first-hand insight from a source you trust.
  2. Do an indepth Google Search:When choosing a solar panel installer, also conduct an indepth Google search to thoroughly research the company. Using a search engine will help you create a list of local solar panel installers, and reviews of their work from actual past customers. It will also help to answers any additional questions you may have about the installation process.
  3. Make an informed selection: After creating a list of potential solar installers, it is time to choose the one who that best suits your needs. Investigate their website for information on the company, read any costumer testimonials, and look through any pictures of the latest work they have completed. Or, if you are not able to decide between the many options, you can create a shortlist of a few and ask for proposals from each. The proposals will contain data, guidance and pricing structure so that you can pick the one that best suits your needs!
  4. Inquire by asking questions:Be sure to ask as many questions as possible to ensure the expert you have chosen has experience with grid tie or off grid solar energy systems that will be required for your project. Also make sure to ask how many years of experience they have with solar panel installation and if they are qualified to install residential or commercial solar panels. This will demonstrate that the installer has plenty of past experience in the business and is acquainted with various brands and parts.
  5. Ask about their certifications: Various national and state associations, similar to the North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals (NABCEP), offer certifications to recognize proficient experts. The NABCEP board specifically holds its installers to the highest measures, in fact,there are many states which require mortgage holders to utilize an NABCEP-affirmed installer to make any changes to the . NABCEP’s on-line Installer Locator makes it simple to locate a guaranteed proficient in your locality.
  6. Ask for a long term service policy: While choosing a solar panel installer, you will want to confirm the details of their long term service policy. Confirm that the installer’s service agreement aligns with the requirements of your local area. The following are a few specific items that should be considered:
  • How long will the service be provided on the unit?
  • What kind of repairs and replacements does the service agreement include?
  • What happens when the equipment does not execute as effectively as guaranteed?

By following the 6 points above, one can find the perfect solar panel installer that fits within your budgets!

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