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How To Find Good Summer Tires For Your Vehicle


Once the winter season is over, the dedicated winter tires you enjoyed using to get through the snow won’t perform well in the next season when the roads are generally dry. Dry roads, especially during summer, deteriorate your winter tires’ lifespan leaving you to have to buy a new set of tires when it’s winter again.

Prolonging your tires’ lives means having to buy other tires for use in different seasons like all-weather tires for places that don’t have the harshest rains and winters even those areas that are supposed to have a dry season. But when it’s all about the summer, you’ll want to have a set of tires dedicated for the summer season for the same reason that you bought dedicated winter tires for the winter.

Aim to Maximize Your Car’s Potential


Summer tires are undoubtedly the best tires to have on your vehicle if you’re going to enjoy the best handling, braking, speed as well as cornering when driving in warm weather conditions. Depending on your vehicle’s make and model, there are a wide variety of summer tires to choose from on the market. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to find the right summer tires for your vehicle because experts at most tire shops are always ready and willing to help you choose if you are unsure about what you are looking for.

Having a dedicated set of summer tires keeps your winter tires from deteriorating since warmer seasons negate the winter tire’s advantages. A winter tire isn’t designed to handle the increased friction present when making contact with warm pavements, but summer tires are. They are designed to provide excellent dry and wet traction compared to the former which has its rubber compress due to the heat of the friction. Dedicated summer tires also have reliable and continuous ribs meant to make sure that a large portion of the tire’s rubber makes contact with the ground resulting in constant stability during cornering, accelerating, and braking.

Going for all-season or all-weather tires is a compromise in terms of performance since their designs are meant to achieve a balance between weathers and seasons. However, the specific design of dedicated summer tires lets them have the distinction of being performance tires that are more durable than all-season tires while being perfect for long rides. Their only drawback is that they are more expensive than all-season tires and that they perform poorly during the winter.

Choose a Trusted Brand Name

adult-boy-sofa-tyreWhen it comes to summer tires (and realistically all tires), there is a lot in the name of the tires that you will choose. Not all summer tire brands that you will come across work the same. You need to review several brands and choose summer tires that you are sure will not let you down. Brand websites tend to have a review page where comments of their customers are present which you can check to ascertain whether it is a trusted and excellent brand.

Nokian summer tires are the best to buy if you want to get the best performance on wet and dry roads well as great value for your money. This company has been around for more than 100 years and has established a reputation for producing the best tires. Despite being widely known for winter tires like the Hakkapeliitta series, Nokian is also performing excellently in their summer tires.

Widely known brands, especially those with many years of experience, are excellent bases when taking a pick out of the many brands present since they won’t last long in the industry if their products had multiple problems and their popularity constantly waned.

Invest in Saving in the Long Run

installment-carYour budget will be a significant factor to consider when you are looking for excellent summer tires. You might opt to go for the cheapest tires on the market when you’re on a tight budget. While it is understandable why you will want to do that, you need to remember that high-quality tires such as Nokian tires cost a bit more. The extra money that you will part with to pay for them will be worth it because you will experience the best performance from them on the road.

Buying cheap usually means getting poor-quality tires which comes from knock-offs of the expensive brands or largely unknown names. Cheap tires might let you save some cash in the initial transaction, but they are much more prone to premature wear and might even increase your exposure to a road accident. Accident-prone tires can endanger your life when used on your cars and the hospital bills, or at least car repair bills, are much costlier than buying the expensive brand.

Going for the most expensive summer tires, however, still isn’t the solution since what you’re buying may not be compatible with the vehicle you own. Looking for tires that are well-suited for your car is the ideal route when purchasing a set. Investing to save means purchasing high-quality tires that would last longer and won’t ruin your car’s performance and cause accidents because of compatibility issues.

Being performance tires, they last longer and are more fuel efficient than other tires especially when you’re aiming to go for long rides. The durability of summer tires means that they can last for years when used on well-maintained roads, perfect for when you’re going for bigger mileages. Their design allows them to create a smaller amount of friction when in contact with the road resulting in achieving excellent grip while lasting longer since they don’t wear out quickly.

In the end, choosing the right summer tires for your car may come down to your personal preference. However, before you make your decision, it will be a good idea to speak to experts at the tire shops that you will visit. Even if you are buying the tires online, there are experts that you can talk to to get clarity on the summer tires that are perfect for your vehicle. The experts can explain to you the summer tire options they have in store and help you choose those that will make your warm weather driving experience one to remember.

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