How To Find Difference Between Emoticons and Emoji

Our way of communication has been greatly changed by the Internet. The verbal tone and body language have not been translated by the emails and text messages. There are various alternative ways for conveying the nuanced meaning. The most prominent change to the online style has been the addition of two new-age hieroglyphic languages like emoji and emoticons.

Let us first start with the emoticon. Emoticons are letters, punctuation marks, and numbers which are been used for creating the pictorial icons that are generally displaying the emotion and sentiment. That actually where the emoticon comes from an emotional icon. Because the limits of the keyboard and most of the emoticons are needed to be read sideways.

The emoticon came into the picture when the joint went wrong at Carnegie Mellon University in 1982. The gag about the fake mercury spill has posted in online message boards which are then sent to the university into a tizzy. Due to all this confusion, Dr. Scott E. Fahlman suggested that the jokes and the nonjokes are marked by the two sets of characters. They are now recognizing the standard emoticons like frowning face and smiling face. After this, emoticons are the big hit between internet users.


Emoji word is taken from the Japanese e word as the picture and Moji is a character which are the slightly more recent invention. Do not get confused with their predecessor l, emoji are the pictographs of objects,  faces, and symbols. You should have to be familiar with the distinct style of Apple emoji like yellow is the cartoony faces having a various expression,  buildings,  families, food objects, mathematical symbols and many more.

Shigetaka Kurita has invented emoji in 1999 and was intended only for the Japanese user. The first emoji is very simple of only 12 pixels and is inspired by kanji characters and manga art. In order to attract the Japanese customers, Apple has hidden the emoji keyboard in the first iPhone back in 2007. However, the North American users had quickly become aware of the keyboard. Now emoji is available in all the messaging apps and different apps are having distinct emoji styles. Emoji are also translating across various platforms thanks to the Unicode. This is why the user of iPhone is able to receive the smiling pile of poo emoji from someone who is using Samsung galaxy phone.

So if you are coming across a smiley face on a pillow which has eyes which are heart-shaped and has a smile on their face then it is a heart eyes emoji pillow. Some keyboards also have these characters printed on them which is an emoticon. If the cartoon figure is completely free of any sort of punctuation, letters or numbers then it is termed as an emoji. But the love for emoji has gone far beyond the computer and mobile apps. Heart eyes emoji pillow are a lot more common among teenagers and youngsters and are an excellent gift to make someone smile. It is also a good way to start a friendship or to congratulate one.

If you also did not know about emoji and emoticons, now you would.


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