How to fight workplace sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in workplaces shouldn’t be shrugged off just so for it is a vital issue that should be raised immediately. Women who feels unsafe and who has been sexually harassed at work need not feel beaten down. Instead, take action to have the perpetrator take responsibility for their misconduct and face its comeuppance. Sexual harassment and assault should be taken seriously.

Everyone, both men and women, should feel safe in their respective work environments. If someone touches you and present acts of lasciviousness at work; or if you’ve experienced such horrendous act personally, here are some steps to take to make the disgusting person and innuendo stop and make them pay for their misconduct.


Be aware of your rights

The law supports you in your battle against sexual harassment at work or any place else. Your state certainly has a law that provides you a legal right to have a workplace free from violence or any form of sexual misconduct and/or discrimination.

Document every instance of harassment

It’s important that you take note of instances where you felt sexually harassed or discriminated in the workplace. Include the name of the harasser, date, time, inappropriate act/comment, witnesses to the incident, and how it made you feel.

Don’t wait til a similar incident happens again before you report it but if in case it does happen again or anyone else at work, you have a documented history to provide to your company’s human resources or higher executives (or authorities) as a reference.

Report the incident/s

If you plan to sue the harasser and the company for the incident, you need to report it first. Give the company a chance to handle what happened and how they’ll deal with the harasser.

Do keep in mind that it’s much preferable if you report the incident in writing rather than verbally so as to avoid disparity. Having a written report encourages the person-in-charge to act immediately, if they don’t do anything about the incident and the harasser, they will be liable for their negligence.

Follow company procedures

This may be a little uncomfortable but it’s an important step to report the incident to your company and follow how their procedure in dealing with the matter. If you think they’re not taking appropriate measure in investigating and you feel unsafe in seeing the perpetrator free from their horrible misconduct, it’s time that you move onto reporting the incident to the higher authorities.

Get yourself a great lawyer

If your company’s complete negligence of the reported incident results in you, walking in a hostile workplace than ever before and if reporting the incident cost you your job, it’s best advised that you lawyer up start your plan to sue the harasser and the company for complete mishandling and negligence of the case.

As mentioned earlier, your right to work in a safe work environment is supported and protected by state laws. Consult with a civil rights attorney and see what legal steps you can take in making the harasser and your company/employer responsible for their sexual discrimination and negligence.

Remember: it’s not your fault

No matter what happens during and after the incident, remind yourself that in no way it is your fault for getting sexually harassed. It’s not triggered by how you dress or your whole being as a person. It’s how all on the perpetrator, not because you were wearing an office-appropriate skirt at the time of the incident.

This incident may cause mental and physical issues and may affect your productivity at work for sexual harassment and assault can be a traumatic experience. If this happens, seek a professional to help you cope with the problem.

Being silent about workplace sexual harassment can do more harm than good so it’s critical that you report the disgusting incident to the respective people to prevent any similar incidents in the future and put the harasser accountable for their actions.

About the author: A huge fan of crime tv shows and films, Chie also has a knack for writing. She writes for Barwick Boitano Lawyers, a firm of lawyers and legal team offering expert advice and legal solutions to clients in Parramatta and Sydney’s western suburbs since 1991.


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