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How to Fight Against Pre-Wedding Depression


What can be more joyous than the fact that you are in love, have got engaged and are about to plan the most beautiful day of your life. This is supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life! But unfortunately, most often it is not!

While planning the biggest event of their lives, many brides get flurry of tears. Organizing a wedding is not only emotional or stressful but it is also capable of creating immense family pressure, financial tensions and an endless and daunting set of to-do lists. Added to that, there is an enhanced pressure and understandable urge for creating the picture-perfect day.

In this case, the brides should consider two things. Firstly, the pre-wedding blues do not jinx the wedding in any way and they happen to be a common phenomenon that many brides go through. Secondly, you should be kind to yourself as a bride and do not beat yourself up. Instead you should focus on the bigger picture and try to calm your nerves thinking that everything will be just fine at the end.


  • Get Organized – Prior to the big day, there are a lot of thigs that need to be taken care of and this goes without saying that it can be overwhelming. You should start by making a list of things that need to be done. You should organize a boring task alternatively with an interesting task and also try to reward yourself for any task that you have completed and also go for delegating the task to make things easier for you.

  • Designate Some Off-time to Yourself – Until the big day arrives, you may always find that there is so much to do how can you take some time off! But you should keep it in mind that there will be always some or the other tasks that are running late or need to be accomplished. Keep it in mind that taking care of yourself should be your top-priority. This can mean that you go for a vacation with your partner and some friends just a few days before the weeding or take time off the planning everyday to do something that you like and relax the mind. This means in order to deal with pre-wedding blues you have to step out of the planning phase and take your mind out of it.

  • Be Active – Exercising is great for the mind and the body. Burning the energy assists in keeping you stronger and calmer and help you deal with the emotional stress. You should try something that you enjoy like swimming or walking the dog or even just taking a walk round the park. You should soon see the benefits for yourself.

  • Don’t Keep Everything to Yourself -Are you feeling stressed, confused or depressed? You should get it off your chest no matter what problem you have. You should find a friend or a family member in whom you can confide even if you don’t find a solution. Just having someone who listens to you can bring in a big difference.

  • Envision the Perfect Day – Visualizing the perfect day should not just excite you, but it will also help you to alleviate the stress that surround the details. At the time of dreaming about an upcoming event you should picture the details and the work towards achieving it. This eases the stress to a great extent as you can already envision the wedding taking place flawlessly.

  • Go for Counselling – This will give you and your partner the option to talk about common issues that can take a big shape in any relationship. If you go for the counselling, then that helps to lay the foundation for the adaptive role plan for soothing the pre-wedding blues. Most of the couples do not want to have these conversations as they are already in conflict. If you are bogged down by stress, then pre-marital counselling can help you in more ways than one.

Just like booking the right and experienced event agency is essential to ensure that the wedding takes place smoothly just as you have envisioned similarly keeping the above in mind is also important to take care of your mental health. These will ensure that you enjoy every minute of your big day.

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