How to Experience Dubrovnik in Croatia Like a Local – A Guide

Dubrovnik is the leading tourist spot in Croatia. It is the undeniable Adriatic’s queen. The walled city has a soft stone that looks like it is simultaneously soaked up, radiating the amazing warmth from the sun.

To make the most out of the time that you stay in Dubrovnik, here are some of the things that you should do:

Have a fantastic time by having a Dubrovnik Game of Thrones tour

The fictional city, King’s Landing, in the Game of Thrones was filmed at Dubrovnik. The basis of this famous television series is on a series of the fantasy novels, “A Song of Ice and Fire.” HBO is the distributer of the series. If you have already watched the series and you are passionate about it, visiting Dubrovnik will give you a great déjà vu due to the way the location was integrated in the series’ setting. You will get an opportunity to view the fortifications and outer walls that have been exploited grandly in the series through filming.Dubrovnik

Tour the outdoor markets

The markets in Dubrovnik are filled with flowers, vegetables, fruits and crafts among others. They are local markets rather than tourist markets. However, they provide friendly settings that enable you to meet the locals and make friends among them. If you make new friends, they will tell you more about the city.

Go on a picnic or hiking in Mount Srd that overlooks Dubrovnik

Instead of spending time in the touristy restaurants, you can pack your picnic lunch at a local market then go on a picnic to Mount Srd. There are several supermarkets that provide items that you might need while on a picnic. Mount Srd is 413 meters above this city. It provides an amazing panorama view of the city. It will take you about 90 minutes to hike Mount Srd to the top. You can take the restored cable car from the communist-era to go back down.

Enjoy the coastal life

Many people enjoy the active lifestyle outdoors while touring Croatia. While in Dubrovnik, you can engage in numerous outdoor, coastal activities that include kayaking in the local islands. A kayak trip to Lokrum Island for instance entails paddling past the cliff caves and the stunning walls of Dubrovnik city. You can also spend your time at the beach. Banje beach is the culmination of the beach culture in Dubrovnik. You will find majority of the locals and tourists here as they bath in the sparkling waters of the Adriatic or bask in the sun of Dalmatia. The location of this beach close to the old town makes it central. And there is a restaurant and a bar at this beach.

Take a walk

The most ideal way of seeing Dubrovnik is simply on foot. You will most likely do a lot of stair climbing and walking during your tour of Dubrovnik. This can be a great fitness plan.

Dubrovnik is a remarkable, stunning and popular city in Croatia. However, you will enjoy the experience of this city much more if you see it in the right way just like the locals.


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