How To Enjoy Vacation In Goa

There are certain places which may seem like the perfect place to visit looking at the things it has to offer, and only after you visit you realize the place has so much more to offer! The exact experience you will get from Goa. All that is ever talked about Goa are its beaches, and that is appealing enough to pull the crowd it sees each year, but only after you visit the destination is much more than that!

Some places offer you various sightseeing options, some offer a brilliant culinary trail and some a great outdoor experience. These are some of the main factors that determines  if the place is a great tourist destination. India has a fleet of destinations within its territory for all these, attracting hordes of tourists from all around the world. One place that sees the flow of tourist more than any other place in the country is the state of Goa. Sure enough this place has everything to make you have a good time; from beaches, sightseeing, great food to ample outdoor activities. Goa tour packages are one of the most versatile travel packages you will find as this destination is not bounded by any parameters when it comes to the theme for travel. You may be here for a honeymoon, solo or group travel, weekend getaway or a long vacation, it doesn’t matter! Whatever your theme of visit may be, these are some of the  things to do to enjoy a splendid vacation in this unparalleled holiday destination.goa travel

Visit its Beaches
This goes without saying. There will not be a single person to have visited Goa without visiting at least one of its beaches. No matter how tight your schedule of travel from your business trip, you can always manage a quick visit to the beach. Goa plays host to some of the most pristine beaches in India. Here are the main standouts.

  • Baga Beach – Probably the most popular, most crowded and most sought after beach in Goa. This beach is the place to visit to incase you are looking for the most happening beach parties. The beach is always crowded and as you approach the beach, you will see people lined up and lying comfortably under their huge sun-shade umbrellas sipping on a beer or some cool beverages.
  • Vagator Beach – If you are looking for a more subtle and serene beach experience, head over to this beach. Unlike Baga beach, the Vagator beach sees lesser people, the ambience more mellow and the beach is surrounded by natural beauty all around. Parties happen in this beach too but not in the scale you see in Baga.

Try out some water sports
With great beaches comes great water sports! There is no dearth for water sports in Goa. There are multiple thrilling water sports at your disposal. Here are some you can definitely give a try.

  • Jet skiing – One of the most thrilling water sports, jet skiing is something you need to get a good hang of before you start speeding off like the professionals. Even a moderate speed ride can pump your adrenaline up, and once you slowly start mastering the balance you can hit the speed up once in awhile to get that quick rush of excitement and thrill!
  • Banana ride – If thrill is not what you seek, but still want to try out some water sports, then this is the best activity. What’s even better is the fact that you don’t have to do it alone. The Banana ride has 6 rides which means you be accompanied by friends and family as well or any other passenger if you are traveling solo or there are still some empty seats left after you have filled up.

Plan a nature visit
The beaches and the colonial buildings may overshadow this side of Goa but for the nature lovers, there are no excuses. You can take a stroll through the woods or ride a boat along the backwaters rowing past beautiful natural beauty on both sides.

  • Visit the spice plantations – Goa is very popular for its spices produced in its own home-ground. There are various spice plantations about 20 km from its state capital, Panaji. As you walk along the fragrant spice plantations you will also see some coconut trees, betel nut trees and some pineapples and other fruits.
  • Go kayaking along the backwaters – Get up and close with nature’s finest by rowing along the backwaters of Goa. You will pass through nature’s finest beauty Goa has to offer. Halfway along the way, you can simply put down your oars and stop, take a deep breath and let the beauty of nature and the serenity of the place sink in. The experience is truly marvellous.

So this is it! The next time you visit Goa, don’t just make it about the beach parties. Sure, party and have fun as that is why you visited the place in the first place, but there is so much more to do and see in this beautiful destination that a visit to Goa without witnessing and experiencing what it has to offer does not do justice to the place.

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