How To Discover Fever On The First Stages?

Fever in general terms is the rise in the temperature of the body. The normal body temperature is 27 degree Celsius and when this increases due to several reasons then it is referred to as a fever. The fever can only be determined when the body temperature is more than or equal to 100 degree Celsius. Fever generally takes over the human body when the body fails to put up its natural defense against bacteria, viruses and many such harmful organisms.


Fever can be discovered in its early stages by many of the acts such as:

Severe Headache

When a person is suffering from severe headache and high body temperature then may be the person is suffering from fever. Severe headache is a general side effect of fever. This condition is very tiresome in which the head goes out of control and creates a disturbance for its normal functioning.

Throat pain

When a person is suffering from severe throat pain and cough then the person may be suffering from fever. Cough has always been an additional supplement of cold and cough and when it comes to fever it takes its large form as throat pain which is really painful and the person is not able to swallow anything not even food and even to drink water it becomes miserable.


It is a state of the body in which the complete water of the body is evaporated and has a lack of water in the body. We believe that 70% of our body is made up of water and is the major supplement and important compound of the human body. Drinking water is very important and loss of water creates dehydration. Dehydration is often caused when a person suffers from constipation in which there is a continuous loss of water. Similarly when the body undertakes fever it starts dehydrating the body and hence making the body weak.


When the person suffers from fever, they experience weakness in the whole body and as a result they are not able to do anything which requires great effort and energy. With dehydration the complete energy of the person is lost. As water is the major supplement and when it is not present in the body it creates weakness.

Mental confusion

While suffering from fever the person is not able to conclude things and make decisions and hence leads to mental confusion.


Things become irritating when a person is not stable. When a person is weak and dehydrating, at that point he is not able to do anything rather than lying down and this is really irritating. StudyFaq helps students to identify real desease or a fever.

Muscles ache

The body starts to suffer from complete body pain. This is inevitable since the basic metabolism and various functions of the body are not held up properly at this point of time and they start paining.

This are the simple methods by which a simple fever can be pre analyzed is a great and simple manner. A fever is a general occurring disease which can be cured at a personal level for some and when it goes beyond 100 degree Celsius it needs to be a prescribed treatment by a doctor

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